It is no secret that our vision worsens as we age. Eye care is essential for seniors if they want to keep seeing the colors of the world. Age-related macular degeneration is a serious problem in senior citizens, be it genetic or because of the lifestyle we have adopted. 

While there is not much you can do about genetics, you can surely delay the muscular generation caused by our habits. Here are some things that every person should follow once they turn 40. 

1. Give Your Eyes Some Rest

Too much screen time can destroy your eyes severely. Once you are retired from work, you might be bored at home and all you want to do is watch TV or use your smart devices. Blue rats from digital devices are your eye’s biggest enemy. 

Reduce your screen time and give your eyes some rest. Try to focus on distant things, since that’s how our eye muscles feel relaxed. You can also follow eye exercises to relax your eye muscles. 

2. Eat Eye-Friendly Foods

Do not be surprised to hear that there are some eye-friendly food items that you can enjoy. Your diet has a lot to do with your body’s health. Including meals rich in Vitamin C, carotenes, anti-oxidants, and lutein in your diet. You would want to eat more kiwis, strawberries, oranges, carrots, and kale now more than ever. 

Eye-friendly meals can provide the proper nutrition required to maintain the health of your eyes. 

3. Schedule Appointments Regularly

Once you turn 40, make sure to visit your eye doctor regularly and remain consistent on the follow-up appointments. Vision changes more abruptly as you grow old, and your prescription might change after a year or so. Visiting a doctor regularly will ensure that you have the right prescription. 

Old age also invites several macular degenerative issues, such as cataracts. Cataracts can not be avoided, however, getting an Eye Cataract Surgery on time can ensure that your vision remains put. 

4. Control Blood Sugar And Blood Pressure

Your body vitals have a lot of effect on your eye health. Make sure that you are keeping your health issues in control. For example, hypertension and diabetes can seriously damage your eyes. 

If you are a diabetic, make sure that you keep your blood sugar level in control. Too much sugar in the blood can damage the optic nerves. Similarly, high blood pressure can also rupture the optic nerves, which can consequently lead to several issues, sometimes even blindness. 

5. Protect Your Eyes From UV Rays

Protection of your eyes from the environment is very crucial, especially in old age. You should practice eye protection all your life, however, once you are 40, your eyes are more prone to be affected by external factors. 

Always wear sunglasses when going outside. Ultraviolet radiation in the sunlight can harm your eyes. Make sure that your sunglasses are of great quality and reflect UV rays to a maximum amount.