Home decor is the reflection of your persona. It is the first impression of your lifestyle and the way you are. It is good to decorate your home in a homely and sequential manner. Sometimes sprucing your home space is a tough job. You don’t know what you want and how much you need to spend.

Before you begin, always check your pocket size and then plan. You don’t have to pick costly and luxury items to make your home special. Small things can entirely change the look of your home. Like acrylic nameplate design, acrylic wallpaper, lamps and mirror positions, etc. May blow life to your kitchen, living room, or bathroom. Even a small apartment can appear spacious when everything is placed in the right way.

How to style your home? It is your call. WE are here to guide you with simple yet thoughtful ideas to amp up your living space. Whether you have small rooms or large spaces, always be thoughtful while you begin with a home makeover. Changing the lights of your room brings a lot of change. If you have larger rooms go for centric furniture that creates a statement without digging a hole in your pocket.

Take time, sit calmly and then begin this process. Home decoration is a time-investing job. It will make your dream come true when you draw a successful plan. Before implementing any home decor idea, no matter how many articles you read, you must determine your living space first.

Let us begin with the home decor ideas without much ado:

Acrylic nameplate design:

Nameplates bring positivity if chosen right. As per Vaastu Shastra nameplates are the first thing that catches the guest’s eye. It attracts the energies of the visitor. So choosing the right nameplate is the first important job to create a positive impression.

Acrylic nameplates look stylish and are long-lasting too. They display an air of class and elegance. Their appearance is similar to glass. Mirror-polished acrylic sheets are used.

Glass Name Plates:

Glass nameplates look elegant and rich. Just one swipe with a damp cloth and it gets clean. The only issue with glass nameplates is that it shatters if anything hits. It is rust-free and long-lasting. Also, includes low maintenance like acrylic nameplates.

Using Throw Pillows:

Throw pillows amp up the game of living space. If you are not liking to change your furniture, cute vibrant throw pillows bring the fresh breeze. Try bold pillows and feel the mood.

Acrylic wallpaper for Living Room:

If you are a modern person acrylic wallpaper is something you should give a try. Trust me, you will not regret the idea. It gives a 3D illusion that looks lively. Always pick smart images that will not look monotonous with time. Do not decide what you want in a moment. Take time and relax about what you want to showcase to your guest. It should be fresh whenever you step in.

Get a Focal Point Furniture:

Pick a statement chair or sofa that you wanted for a long time. An armchair or a lounge chair can be soothing and a masterpiece. Rest you can decorate it with affordable items.

Mirrors positioned right:

The addition of mirrors has always been a good idea for home decor. The only issue that arises is the right position. If it is positioned opposite to the light it makes your room appear bigger. It projects art and photography. Also, it is best when you want a minimalist look.

Some Greenery for Fresh Breathe:

Nature is your call then adding plants is your thing. It provides a boho feel. Also, you bring nature to your home. In this polluted environment getting oxygen plants is a boon.

Floating Shelves:

Less space requires better ideas. Well, floating shelves are here to use your space wisely. You can keep plants or any home decorating items for display. Also, you can keep books in you are a true knowledge lover. It will fill the gaps on your shelves smartly.

Get Kitchen Accessories:

If your living room is great and your kitchen is boring, this won’t work. Setting your home means every corner of your home should be up to date. Here getting some kitchen accessories is a great thought. We spent almost half a day in our kitchens. Why not make it special and vibrant.


Even if you have a small house or a big mansion, you should decorate it beautifully if you want it to be considered worthy. To make it special your efforts are needed. Small pockets can also transform their home with smart ideas. I hope, you liked the article. For any queries write to us in the comment section below.