The opposite sides of the country are very different, but also similar in some ways. You might be seeking year-round temperate weather and sandy beaches, or bright city lights and high-rise skylines.

There are many things to consider, from apartments for rent in Los Angeles to homes for sale in Philadelphia.

Home to History

The east coast is a prime spot for people looking to learn more about or be close to the nation’s history. It’s the site of the original 13 colonies, the nation’s capital, and noted historical cities like Philadelphia and Salem.

The southern part of the east coast is home to many a storied battlefield that can be toured, as well as gorgeous architectural areas influenced by early American style.

The west coast is not without its historical influence, however. There you will learn about and see the effects of the American frontier period, the hardships of the Oregon Trail, the influences of the Wild West, and the frenzy that was the Gold Rush.

Seasonal Preference

West Coast temperatures are skewed towards the warmer side of things, allowing for more year-round outdoor activity and a pleasant atmosphere for people who find joy and better mental health in seeing the sun and warm weather more often than not.

The majority of the east coast gives residents the experience of four full seasons, a cycle of warmer days to cold and back again. If you can withstand the cold you’ll be just fine enjoying the outdoors year round, but if the thought of snow makes you shiver because of more than its chilliness, you might want to avoid the east coast, where winters can feel long.

Strength in Industries

The west coast has driven the economy in a huge way: technology and the film industry. It’s home to Silicon Valley and Hollywood, both of which come with numerous economic opportunities that churn out big revenue for each industry.

The east coast’s economic boost packs a punch, but in a more varied way. Publishing and print media, banking institutions, and federal government entities hold the key to big markets.

Pace of Living

The stereotypical New Yorker image – fast-footed, fast-talking, a bit neurotic – can also be applied to the majority of perceived east coast personalities. Life seems to move faster on this coast.

Compare that to your stereotypical Californian: a slow-talking surfer dude who simply enjoys love. This hippie-type personality can also be applied up and down the west coast, where it seems residents relish in a slower, less stressful pace.

This even trickles down to the manner of dress. The dress code in the west is of a more relaxed approach, while east coast residents are more likely to head out in suits and work-appropriate dresses.

Dishes on the Table

New York pizza, New Jersey bagels, Philadelphia cheesesteaks – it seems that anything in the way of comfort food gets a better rap on the east coast.

Cuisines centered around more natural, healthy ingredient bases skew more towards west coast fare. Sushi is a big draw, as is Mexican food and seafood.