Candle boxes have been used for thousands of years to safely store candles, to be out of sight of mice, rats and other pesky vermin. They come in many different shapes and sizes and are typically made of metal or wood. online printing They can have a tall cylinder top, like a wicker globe, or they can be short and wide. Some are square or rectangular, some are conical or shaped like a globe. 

They may be colored or not, and are available in white or colored wax, as well as in numerous designs. These beautiful packaging boxes are a must-have item for anyone wanting to promote any type of business. As they are versatile, elegant, and sturdy and look beautiful.

Following are the options for Businesses with Limited Room Space in the Candle business case. 

  1. Gear up with extra care with help of ad-on or accessories

The key to properly using candle boxes is to make sure that you follow proper storage and shipping procedures. As well as take great care of them with superior services. When ordering your custom printed candle boxes, it’s a good idea to have them packed in a box or carton. It is possible with bubble wrap, sealed with double-sided tape. Then sent out with extra so that no damage comes to them during shipping. The packaging itself will need a lot of care. 

When placing your order for them, make sure that you specify which type you want them packing. Whether that’s wax, clay, plastic or metal. You’ll find this very helpful if you get a particularly large order. Or maybe have a large number of boxes to send out at a time. This will save you both time and money on having to purchase more of these items to replace those that get lost in the mail.

  1. Add engraved lettering style

Depending on what materials you are using, the boxes themselves can either be simple or ornate. There are decorative candle boxes with cutout windows, with one or two compartments. Even fancy boxes that have gold leafed letters on the front. Many custom boxes include a ribbon to tie around the top, but it doesn’t have to be used for that purpose. You can also have the lettering engraved in any style of font you like. It’s really up to you how elaborate or simple your design is, as long as it matches your overall aesthetic for the project.

  1. Choose as per selection you looking for 

You may even be able to have the colors of the custom packaging boxes match that of your artwork. Most manufacturers are able to provide photos or images that can be placed on the front, or back, of the boxes themselves. If you don’t have these images in your home no problem. Then they should be able to direct you to several artists that have samples of work they can provide. Once you have a couple of examples in mind of the color you would like. You can go through the selections in that color and choose from that selection.

  1. Match colors exactly to the palette in mind

Using corrugated cardboard for your candle boxes allows you to have the flexibility of matching the colors exactly to the palette you have in mind. If you want your boxes to have a southwestern feel, use browns and creams if you want them to have a traditional feel. Then go for blues and greens. If you want your boxes to match the design of your artwork, use similar tones. Just make sure to allow for variance when it comes to shades, especially in lighter colors. You’ll also want to pay attention to your packaging materials.

  1. Corrugated cardboard as Durable material

Corrugated cardboard is a fairly durable material. In fact, candle boxes made out of corrugated cardboard have been used in manufacturing products for over 100 years. Many of the boxes you see used for shipping are made with Kraft paper which is strong, waterproof cardboard. That is incredibly durable for transporting candles and other items. When it comes to the colors that will appear in the boxes. You have plenty of options to choose from and if you’re looking for something unique. You can always dye the corrugated cardboard yourself.

  1. The best place to go is to the Internet for packaging

Because custom packaging and shipping is something you may have to do quite a bit of in your life. It’s definitely worth the extra money to get the best boxes possible. When you think about how much money it costs to get candles. And so much more per box, it’s definitely worth it to spend the extra money up front to get the best boxes. Of course, you can always recycle the cardboard that you use to manufacture your candles and save it for another purpose. When it comes to getting the right custom packaging boxes for your candles, the best place to go is to the Internet. Not only is the Internet the biggest shopping market on the planet, but it also has the lowest prices available.


Online retailers have lower overhead costs thus they can offer you cheaper rates. Additionally, many websites will let you customize your order online without any fees. This is ideal for potential customers who do not wish to spend any money on the custom printing of the boxes. In addition to this, many websites will allow you to order the boxes without actually having a candle or jar on hand. This will save on your time and allow you to browse through hundreds of designs without having to settle on one. Furthermore, many websites will also allow you to browse through many different designs which will enable you to find the perfect custom printed boxes for your particular needs.