Cryptocurrency is the future of money, and games are a simple way for everyone to become involved, even if they are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency. Which is why the online casino community has been continuously pushing for judi online casinos to accept cryptocurrency as payment as well, both for convenience of all gamers and efficiency of running a large online gaming platform. Me88 is proud to be the first online casino in Asia to accept cryptocurrency as payment. At Me88 online casino, all players may compete in various game types against friends from across the world to discover who has the best success by exchanging virtual currency crypto coins online using this platform, which will never become obsolete due to transactions occurring on the Blockchain.

Trusted online casino

Since 2013, me88 has been a dependable location for cryptocurrency gamers in Malaysia’s online casino. They feature a large selection of games, including recent releases from famous brands like Microgaming and NetEnt — all of which are now bitcoin-compatible thanks to the recent announcement that me88 is accepting cryptocurrency as payment. If you’re seeking for the greatest casino in town with always-full poker tables and slot machines just out of reach, go no farther than me88. Me88 casino has you covered on all fronts, from strategy to slots. Their diverse selection of games caters to any mood or desire, and their numerous alternatives are available on both desktop and mobile platforms, so whether it’s a relaxing night at home or an exciting evening out socializing. The creative site, which incorporates the current trends from the Mega888 and 918 Kiss platforms, ensures that all me88 players will not only locate a game, but that the browsing experience will exceed everyone’s expectations, even for a top ranked online casino in Asia.

Me88 online casino, the first online casino to accept cryptocurrency

The best news so far this year has been the fact that cryptocurrency gambling is already available within the online casino industry, and this includes highly reputable online casinos such as me88 online casino as well. Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin are gaining popularity as a means of exchange. Online casino betting sites have begun accepting them as payment for their services, which means you no longer need money sitting around waiting to be deposited in order to enter your next attempt at winning big at me88 Casino or any other site that accepts them; all without the hassle of first setting up an account via bank card. Players who play with cryptocurrencies now have even greater odds when they enter their wallet numbers on the website of me88 Casino. This is due to the site’s recent approval, which means gamers will no longer be required to disclose personal information such as credit card or bank account information. Click here for more information about crypto casino in Malaysia.

How to deposit Bitcoin in me88:

Now that Bitcoin has arrived at one of the most celebrated online casinos in Malaysia, many among the Malaysian online casino community are wondering how to actually perform transactions using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies while playing at me88 online casino. First off, anyone may now wager with cryptocurrencies at me88 casino using their wallet numbers. With this new feature, it’s never been easier to fund your account with Bitcoin. Follow the steps listed below on how to deposit Bitcoin while playing at me88 online casino.

  1. Log in to your account at me88 Casino by visiting the site or by clicking Join and Register at me88 Casino.
  2. Navigate to the “Deposit” menu item on the right-hand profile menu.
  3. Select Bitcoin as your deposit method.
  4. Enter the amount you intend to deposit into your account in the appropriate field.

After clicking “Request Investment,” you’ll be provided with a Bitcoin address to which you can transfer your payment to confirm your deposit.

Alternative Payment Methods in me88:

If you’re seeking a casino that will value your bitcoins, consider me88 Online Casino Malaysia. However, me88 online casino is not an online casino that only accepts cryptocurrency as payment, in fact, there are a handful of other options available for me88 players. The services offered by this casino are far higher in quality than those offered by many other sites that accept bitcoin payments. eWallets from Me88, EeziePay, help2pay, and Touch n Go are just a few of the payment and banking methods available at me88. At me88, all transactions are safe, with player information and privacy protected at all times by the online casino’s security measures. Me88 is a scammer-, hacker-, and cheater-free online casino, giving it a safe refuge for a worry-free online casino gaming experience in Malaysia.

Deposit terms and conditions for me88

It is critical that each client’s interaction with the me88 online casino team is controlled by the same set of regulations. By reading them and agreeing to all conditions specified by the online casino, you are assuring that high standards will be maintained throughout your encounter.

Mobile Download Option

The mobile industry has grown at a breakneck pace, and there are now more mobile devices packed with cutting-edge technologies than at any point in history. An increasing number of online casino games utilize iOS and Android devices on a daily basis. Me88 online casino features exceptional mobile download options for Android and iOS devices that are powered by reputable gaming software providers such as Playtech live casino, Game Play live casino, Dream Gaming live casino, All Bet live casino, 918Kiss slot, Mega888 slot, Sky3888 slot, Pussy888 slot, and XPro Gaming live casino. Along with mobile download options, the website is also responsive, allowing gamers to toggle between desktop and mobile views at any moment.


As cryptocurrencies continue to gain popularity, it’s only a matter of time until they become widely recognised as a method of payment for goods and services. Because online casino betting sites have already accepted digital currencies, if you’re seeking for a means to gamble without the limits associated with bank account deposits and withdrawals, cryptocurrency may be the answer. If you’d like to learn more about this new kind of cash or how the online casino may assist you in setting up a crypto wallet compatible with me88 Casino, contact the customer support team at me88 immediately. The customer support team at me88 operates on a 24 hour basis, and they value any feedback, questions or complaints that you send their way, so don’t hesitate. Visit the me88 official website now to learn more about what the online casino has to offer for the Malaysian online casino community.