Kitchen remodels are often stressful and require a lot of thought. You have to consider how to maximize everything and still achieve a great outcome. While you can move most things around to match whatever design you want, the window remains constant. Since you cannot move the window around, your design has to account for the windows’ position. With a little creativity, however, you can use the windows in such a way that it helps improve the kitchen design. To make the job easier, we have put together a few creative ways to use the kitchen to your benefit when remodeling a kitchen.

Window wall

Using the windows as a wall is quite an exotic option and it serves to add a bit of elegance to the room. This will only work where you have either a large window or a series of small windows. Once the window can cover the entire wall, you get the added benefit of natural light streaming into your kitchen. You may have to make special consideration for this as the light the windows will let in may be too much. You may add in curtains to cover the light when it is too much, or you can use a material of glass that can reduce the light intensity. 

Focal point

You can have the window be the focal point of your kitchen design. Lots of kitchen remodels involve using one piece of equipment or item as a focal point. This will serve as a central piece that all the designs will revolve around. The fact that you cant move the windows around makes it ideal for this purpose. You center whatever design you are employing around the window, using the instruments and kitchen appliances to highlight the window instead of the other way around. In this capacity, you will need to take careful consideration when choosing your windows, or changing them, making sure you choose something special. You can add a reverse osmosis water filter near the windows because it will look good and you’ll have fresh water nearby.

Cabinet over the windows

Cabinets and windows were always going to be a part of the kitchen, so why not combine both of them. Whether you are using an open or a closed cabinet, it will make an excellent companion for your windows. By placing the cabinet over the window and by its sides, you get a simple yet elegant design. You also help to create a room in other areas of the room where the cabinet would have otherwise featured. You can also use the top of the windows as a bridge to link the two cabinets together. Regardless of the style you choose, the results are likely going to be impressive. 

Decorate the windows

Decorating anything is always a great way to make it look better and the same applies to your windows. By decorating the windows, you get a centerpiece that will draw a lot of eyes once anyone enters your kitchen. From curtains to stickers. There are many decorative options available that could all improve the windows’ look greatly. Bigger windows will likely require more effort to decorate than smaller ones but the result should still be the same at the end of the day. The best part is that you can always change the decoration at any point if you are no longer satisfied with it. 

Cover the windows

The window will always be there, but that doesn’t mean it has to be visible. By wrapping or covering the window, you can get creative with how the space should look. In most cases, people go for a color or cover that is in keeping with the wall or the ceiling, something that fits into the kitchen nicely. 

Regardless of the creative method, you wish to apply with your kitchen windows, it is important that you have professionals handle the kitchen remodel. Kitchen remodeling is usually tricky and one mistake can ruin the entire outcome. By letting professionals handle the remodel, you are assured of a great job that you will love and a mistake-free outcome. 


The kitchen window may not always be the first thing you think of when it comes to design, but it can certainly play a role. By getting creative with the kitchen windows, you can make your kitchen the most exciting room in your house.