Effective learning goes a long way, and organizations are looking for a solution to back that. This is where Learning Management Systems come into play. It is a proficient platform taken into consideration for the purpose of corporate training. 

Here in this write-up, we are going to improvise on this platform and understand its features, benefits, and different products. Let’s get started.

What is a Corporate Learning Management System?

Corporate LMS assists in providing online training programs as and when required to the corporate employees. The elearning software development management course has made it possible for organizations to provide training convincingly and help them remain updated with all the latest advancements. 

With the help of this platform, organizations can track and manage training programs with ease. This endeavor helps them keep their employees engaged with the training programs and helps them up to their skills. 

Custom LMS developmentservices have been used for the purpose of:

  • Onboard training program
  • Health and Safety training 
  • Compliance program
  • Sales training
  • HR Endeavor solutions 
  • Management training program
  • And more

Take a look at the boxes to ticked for an organization to go for LMS development services:

  • Single sign-on
  • Data Interoperability
  • Hosting
  • Course duration
  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • Content update frequency
  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

To learn more about corporate LMS, read along as we zoom in to features, benefits, and various LMS platforms. 

Fundamental Features of Corporate Learning Management System

1. Accessibility: 

  • One can access corporate LMS at any time and from any location.
  • The employees can avail training as and when they want to without having to worry about fixed dates and times during the time of in-person training. 
  • It helps employees to avail training material as per their convenience.
  • The trainee can groom the already pursued lessons as and when required to. 
  • It saves organizations travel expenses as well. They don’t have to travel for training purposes as it can be accessed from any location.

2. Ability To Integrate

  • A proficient corporate LMS comes with the ability to integrate with other corporate software and systems. 
  • The data you stored in other systems can be synced in your LMS system 
  • This ensures that there is no dual entry. 
  • It curbs any scope of errors when the data is entered in different systems repeatedly.

3. Track Progress

  • Tracking the progress of the employee gets easier with a corporate LMS. 
  • This platform shares the progress records and reports with the management regularly. 
  • It allows the management to understand which employee is performing well and which needs attention. 

4. eCommerce

  • Organizations can sell their training programs to other businesses and communities with this feature of corporate LMS software. 
  • As the organization can sell their courses, it helps them come up with another revenue-generating idea. 
  • It allows them to check with probable candidates who can be interested in taking up the respective course.

5. Multimedia Attributes

  • Trainees can access training materials and multimedia files through corporate LMS. 
  • PPTs, images, videos, audios, and many more files can easily work in the respective platform.
  • One can access and use multimedia files without any hassle. 
  • It allows management to upload various learning materials in the form of videos, audios, documents so that trainees can use them according to their convenience. 

So, these are a few of the fundamental attributes that one can avail by taking the assistance of eLearning software development companies. Organizations can have the attributes customized as per their specific needs and requirements. 

Benefits Of Corporate Learning Management System

If you have the right feature added to your corporate learning management system, it can certainly pave the way for a lot of benefits. If you are thinking how then take a look at the below-mentioned pointers:

  1. Improves Employee Performance: Corporate LMS helps employees gain access to eLearning courses as and when needed. This promotes instant and effective training that results in the form of better performance. 
  2. Deploying Multiple Sites Training: Taking the assistance of custom LMS development services, you can have an LMS to provide training in different locations. The learning uniformity is maintained all the time through this platform at all locations. 
  3. Low Training Expenses: Using corporate LMS and providing eLearning courses can reduce training expenses significantly when compared to the traditional approach of face-to-face training. 
  4. Efficient Compliance Training: It is not easy to train and track the new recruits manually. But, thanks to eLearning software development services, things are now changing. Recruits can be inducted faster and more effectively with a learning management system. They will be aligned with the organization’s goals, mission, and vision a lot sooner with the assistance of this software. 
  5. No Absenteeism: With the assistance of LMS development services, you can have software that promotes flexibility in terms of training. Nobody misses out on training with the assistance of corporate LMS systems. The training can be scheduled as per the convenience of the employees. They go through the training program slowly as and when available and eventually complete the program without any difficulties. It allows the managers to track who has completed the training and who hasn’t. They can plan their next move accordingly.
  6. Learning Synced to Organisation’s Requirements: With The assistance of enterprise software development services, you can have a learning tool that delivers as per the organization’s needs. The training program for the initiatives like a new procedure or product launch can be shared effectively and quickly with the assistance of corporate LMS. Not only this, but an organization can also assess the impact of learning and according to plan further.

So, these are the benefits that reflect how the demand for eLearning development companies has got up. It has made organizations in different sectors invest heavily in this domain to enhance their training approach and improve performance eventually.

Best Corporate Learning Management System Platforms

Here we have come up with a few of the best corporate LMS platforms being used in the industry. Take a look:

1. Nittio Learn / Whatfix

Key Features:

  • It promotes augments training. 
  • Helping employees to learn in the flow of work.
  • Employees can access all the training materials. 
  • Allows employees to design in-app guidance. 
  • In-app course and content development.
  • Customized learning approach for different job roles and users.
  • Interactive guides are designed with an easy-to-use editor and no coding.
  • Track user engagement with the use of feedback surveys and advanced analytics.

2. Paylocity

Key Features 

  • Wide range of course delivery procedures that includes webinar and on-demand.
  • Easily accessible. 
  • Provides reminders to employees for getting better in completion rates.
  • Content can be searched through a training title or filter with the name of department, supervisor, or location.
  • Get web-ready coursework files.
  • Measuring training effectiveness through surveys and quizzes.

3. SAP Litmos

Key Features

  • Can build connectors using open APIs.
  • 30+ connectors. 
  • Get ready-to-access courses in communication and social skills, leadership, compliance, management, and more.
  • Encrypted Data.
  • Built-in analytics and reporting.
  • Course completion tracking.
  • 35+ preconfigured languages.
  • Automate tasks like group enrollment, new users added, and more

Last Words

A corporate learning management system is a tech tool taken into consideration for the purpose of delivering online training and education by organizations around the world. It helps them build and share content courses and also track trainees. It allows them to check the user’s progress as well. All these attributes have made businesses around the world invest in eLearning development services. Organizations can avail custom LMS development services to have the software that suits their approach and objectives in terms of providing training. How good is that? 

Welcome to the future of learning!