Brutal Force is a recently launched steroid alternative company. Their goal is to produce powerful supplements that can emulate the positive effects of steroids, but without the side effects. 

ABulk is one of their supplements, designed to mimic anadrol (oxymetholone). 

Anadrol is an oral steroid that has been popular among bodybuilders for several decades. Anadrol can produce some of the best strength and muscle gains, out of all steroids on the market. 

This makes it a must-have steroid for many bodybuilders in the off-season trying to pile on raw mass. Elite powerlifters also utilize anadrol to get an edge on their components who may be cycling milder drugs. 

Anadrol Side Effects 

So, what’s the catch? 

As with many steroids, the side effects of anadrol are dramatic. Anadrol causes large fluctuations in cholesterol levels due to this compound stimulating hepatic lipase in the liver. This results in excessive strain on the heart, with the potential to cause heart attacks in users. 

Liver damage is almost certain when taking anadrol, with the liver having to process it. The extent of the damage will depend on the individual, their lifestyle (heavy or light alcohol consumption) and their doses. Generally the liver will recover in between cycles, however if anadrol is abused or a person’s liver is already in bad shape; such hepatotoxicity can be fatal. 

Anadrol can also cause bad bouts of acne in sensitive users, due to its highly androgenic nature. Prostate enlargement and hair loss are also common side effects. 

Gynecomastia is also possible, due to anadrol being very estrogenic. As you can imagine when a female hormone rises excessively high in men, female characteristics can form — causing man boobs. One of the worst things about gyno is, it can often be permanent and irreversible without surgery. 

Anadrol also causes natural testosterone levels to shut down in men, meaning they can feel weak; with diminished sexual function and less overall well-being for several months. . 


ABulk does not cause any of the above side effects, ensuring all users can make gains without having to worry about any consequences physically or legally. 

ABulk’s formula is 100% FDA approved, ensuring its safety among the general public. 

It’s also worth noting that ABulk is also suitable for women, as well as men; helping them to build muscle and increase muscle tone. 

Anadrol can cause masculinization in women, however ABulk will not compromise a woman’s female features. 

ABulk comes in pill form (like anadrol), thus don’t be fooled by the packaging; which to some may see this as being a powder supplement. 

The main concern users have with ABulk is that it won’t produce the same degree of muscle and strength gains as real anadrol. 

Although it’s unlikely ABulk will be as powerful as oxymetholone — legal steroids have produced great gains in individuals since becoming popular in the last 10 years. Also anadrol alternatives particularly are one of the leading bulking compounds, among different brands, thus the demand for such products may indicate their effectiveness. 

Thus, the question facing gym-goers is — take anadrol and make immense gains and experience nasty side effects. Or take ABulk and potentially experience good gains, with no side effects. 

For many the latter sounds more appealing, especially as there’s no risk of jail time (which is a reality for many who buy and sell on the black market). 

It’s also worth noting that ABulk doesn’t need to be cycled, as it contains safe ingredients and won’t shut down testosterone. Thus, it can be taken long term. 

When taking anadrol it can only be taken for a short time, due to its high toxicity, thus much time must be spent resting in between cycles. 

Thus, even if you take a weaker compound in ABulk — in the end it’s possible gains will be similar, as you can take it for much longer and stack it with other legal steroids from Brutal Force (without any complications). 

Other legal bulking steroids available from Brutal Force’s range are:

  • DBulk (dianabol)
  • SBulk (sustanon)
  • TBulk (trenbolone)

You can stack these with ABulk for maximum results. It’s also advised that users eat in a calorie surplus and lift weights at least 4x per week for optimal size/strength gains. 

For more information regarding Brutal Force’s products visit their official website below. 
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