Based on many users, a particular website referred to as Whackd has observed a lift in the united states . States. Besides, the site handles bitcoins whose valuation skyrocketed by over 733%, which later showed up in a sweeping price of $.07 per unit.

Additionally, a web site referred to as Britbonglogpost.disadvantage which even has actual searchability with, sprang on the internet. The site thereof alluded to McAfee’s alleged contingency plan theory which incorporated a countdown timer.

Herein, we detail the site and search other parameters to show be it legit. Scroll lower below to know more.


A specific website referred to as britbonglogpost came out four days ago. The site offered users a sneak look in regards to the whacked token. (Note: The site also provides searchability with Britbonglogpost.disadvantage) However, users soon started to allege it with McAfee’s contingency plan.

The speculations sparked after watching the countdown timer online. What is this fact whacked token, along with what will we understand about the contingency plan. For the, keep tuned in and study the below sentences for more information.

What is the Countdown Timer online?

Based on sources, the site is presently unavailable online. However, a number of users did be capable of archive the page, which is not unable to disseminate.

Additionally, based on sources, when the users are trying to open the site (also searchability with Britbonglogpost.disadvantage) showcases an internet server error message.

Besides, the archived page also displays a pop-art of John McAfee along with showcasing a countdown timer.

The Details printed round the Page

Additionally, the page features a text highlighting the word what, “contingency plan activated, spiking the speculation of something big approaching.” The countdown showcases a time period of 4 days for users to learn about the details.

Besides, additionally there is a previous address displayed beneath the timer, that can take users for the Whackd token contract, which McAfee announced on 11 November 2019.

Additional information about Britbonglogpost.disadvantage

We made a decision to evaluate for other parameters too to know a little more about the site. Incorporated within this are:

•           Trust score: It provides a low trust score of just onePercent

•           Domain Age: It absolutely was created recently on 24 June 2021 and updated on 23 This summer time 2021.

Users’ Reviews

Based on users, the site was available for some time after which went lower. Additionally, they likewise have highlighted the website’s design, which appears legit and for that reason awaiting it to appear online. Besides, many users have to know precisely why was registered for just about any next day of which went offline.

Final Conclusion

The site Britbonglogpost.disadvantage has created a lot of steer and speculation among users within the united states . States, which came out to get utilized by day or two and is not offline.

Thus, it’s too early to find out when the site is really a gimmick or legit. Hopefully this informative article solutions the questions you have on the internet site. Perhaps you have used this website? Please inform us your experience with should be genuine box below.