If you are a SEN teacher, it becomes a bit challenging to find activities that your kids will enjoy. Be it learning or play activity, their comfort is the key consideration. Whatever the indoor or outdoor fun activities you choose, they should not cause them physical pain or emotional stress. Don’t worry!

In this blog, we’ll tell you five amazing fun activities that your students with special needs are sure to find engaging. Further, these activities will help promote social interaction and activity among kids. So, here are a few ideas-

Going for a walk 

SEN teaching assistant jobs London requires teachers to foster functional education, leaving the strict structure of classrooms or textbooks. Outdoor fun activities are a great way to do so! A leisurely walk or a ride around the community or school can rejuvenate them. Going for a walk is fun for kids. They get to enjoy nature and inhale fresh air. However, if the child uses a wheelchair, make sure to check the terrain before setting off.

Build structures or make some art

Dump the blocks out and ask your kids to start playing. Autistic kids generally follow a strict routine and may find it challenging to break from the usual behavior. When they are asked to build new structures, they get a chance to venture into trying new things and develop their creativity. You can also ask them to copy a particular structure.

Besides, you can ask them to create some artwork on their own. It could be painting the cut fruits or veggies, drawing, etc. They will feel happy while staring at the masterpiece they have created.

Dance to a beat

Kids love to dance! All the tapping and twirling is so much fun for kids with special needs. Even wheelchair-bound kids can benefit from dancing; it helps improve their upper body strength. By incorporating music and dance in your curriculum, your kids feel good with endorphin release. The best thing is, by involving in a dance session, your students can hone their social skills.

Eating out

Eating out is another wonderful fun activity your kids are sure to enjoy. It is beneficial for kids who have trouble sitting still for a long time. However, special needs children may sometimes feel overwhelmed by the noise in the restaurant. Thus, it is good to choose a quiet place or visit when there is no crowd. Ask their likes or dislikes and order foods that can be eaten quickly and easily. 

Make music together

Special needs children enjoy music just like other kids. Making music can help them learn rhythms, patterns, etc. Also, if a kid has a limited speech, you can encourage them to use visuals to express their music preferences. Besides, singing can be a great communication tool for kids with limited speech. They will feel more involved and have fun.

These are just handfuls of fun activities you can include in your classroom curriculum and have fun with your kids.