Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a fairly new hiring model for employers who can’t do all the heavy lifting involved with finding the right talent for a job role. It offers a quicker and more successful hiring approach where the employer is barely involved, allowing them to continue running their business normally.

What is RPO for healthcare?

RPO for healthcare is a hiring service for healthcare employers offered by a third party known as an RPO provider. RPO recruiters are responsible for the entire hiring process and they work closely with your organization to identify recruitment needs, evaluate the current processes, and pinpoint areas that require improvement.

Due to their flexibility, you can even choose to have an RPO provider handle only a part of the recruitment process where their expertise is crucial.

Benefits of RPO in healthcare hiring

An RPO provider will offer the following benefits during healthcare hiring:

1. Facilitate risk management and ensure compliance

Due to the strictness of the healthcare industry, it’s best to have hiring experts who are well-experienced to reduce the risk of non-compliance which can trigger dire legal and financial consequences. RPO providers know what it takes to organize a hiring process that remains within the set guidelines while making sure that you get top-quality talent.

What’s more, they can help you to identify the parts of your hiring structure that are prone to noncompliance, so that you can change them early enough.

2. Guarantees top-quality hires

The competition for highly qualified staff in the healthcare space can make it rather challenging to find the right fit for your facility on your own. By engaging the proficiency of RPO agencies in locating and attracting highly qualified candidates, you can be sure that you are getting the right employees to join your team.

You can even present specific candidate requirements depending on the unique needs of your organization. For example, if you are looking for locum tenens workers or part-time employees, you can include that in the details and the RPO provider will get you the right person to take up the role.

3. Save time

Healthcare providers are typically interested in filling positions in the least possible time, a goal that is difficult to achieve without professional assistance. Even with an in-house recruitment team, the hiring process can take weeks, if not months depending on the number and nature of positions to be filled.

The reason why RPO providers are able to fill positions faster is the rich experience and a vast network that makes reaching the appropriate candidates significantly easy. Thus, you can get over with the hiring process faster and have more time to work towards providing top-quality services and expanding your client base.

4. Attain DEI goals

A healthcare facility that provides a work environment that focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion can be desirable to a larger number of clients. RPOs can help your organization reach this goal by utilizing various sourcing platforms, diversifying the interview team, providing training, and more.

What’s more RPO agencies are better equipped to explore international and emerging human resource markets. That way, you can have employees who work remotely, and there may be some who will even relocate to join your in-house team.

All things considered,

Working with an RPO provider is a great deal that will pay for itself faster than you may even expect. Your only responsibility is to make sure that you find the best RPO agency for the job.

Renowned providers like Kinetix will not only be better equipped, but you may also get yourself a better deal if you hire them on an ongoing basis.