Since no single celebration goes down without showering near and dear ones with gifts, there is no other way to make Father’s Day celebrations cherishable than presenting heart-melting gifts to wow your dad. However, with a plethora of gifting items, finding the ideal gifts to dash dads on this auspicious occasion can be challenging. Online gift e-commerce websites and social media platforms are the most convenient ways to surprise near and dear ones with trending gifts at the best prices. Complete Father’s Day celebration the right way. In this post, we share the top Father’s Day gift ideas to wow your dad. Read on.

1. Plants

Spruce up the aura around your dad at home or the office with decorative, air-purifying, and wishful indoor plants. There is a wide range of plants from which to choose. Looking for a plant with a spiritual meaning to express love and happiness? Take the plant gesture a step further with plants in personalised vases! Check out trending plant arrangements from online florists.

Plant gift ideas:

Money Plants, Lucky Bamboo Plants, Bonsai Plants, Jade Plants, etc.

2. Flowers

Just like plants, flowers are yet another great substitute for words. There is a wide selection of flowers by colour, scent, design, and meaning to help you express love and best wishes to your dad.

Flower varieties include:

Roses, carnations, lilies, gerberas, lavender, orchids, etc.

3. Sweet treats

Since food is the best way to touch the hearts of loved ones, a sweet treat gesture will always be welcome! Surprise your sweet tooth dad this Father’s Day with a sweet treats hamper that has an assortment of all his favourite sweets and snacks.

Treats to include in the hamper:

Cupcakes, jar cakes, fruits, chocolates, almonds, traditional sweets, etc.

4. Cake surprise

A cake at the table on all special occasions is the light that creates the party vibe and cherished memories. Spruce up the celebrations by surprising your sweet tooth dad with lip-smacking and well-decorated Father’s Day cakes. Since you know his favourite cake flavours and designs, finding the perfect cake will be a fun experience.

Popular cake options include:

Chocolate cakes, designer cakes, heart-shaped cakes, pinata cakes, fruit cakes, etc.

5. Decorative gifts

Decorative gifts are souvenirs that will always bring back memories to both the giver and recipient! This Father’s Day, add a few new decorations to your dad’s office and home office. There are many gifting options for every dad out there!

Options for decor gift items include:

Figurines, posters, photo lamps, plants & flowers, god idols, etc.

6. Journal

From writing important meeting notes, birthdays, and memories to thoughts, journals are the right tool for the task! Surprise your dad with a personalised journal that has his name, picture, and favourite designs. And there are many options to go with too! Check out various journal material options, such as leather covers.

Items to Pair with Journals:

Personalised pocket-size notebooks, pens & highlighters, page makers, desk lamps, etc.

7. Cosmetics

With improved recovery and maintenance of the skin and hair, cosmetics products are essential items for everyone! Let your beloved daddy know how much he means to you this Father’s Day with a cosmetics hamper that has all his favourite items. 

Grooming Kit

A complete kincare kit (with bathing soap and shampoo) perfumes, beard trimmer, moustache wax, etc.

8. Jewellery

Known as a symbol of prosperity, security, elegance, and wisdom, a jewellery gift is a perfect pick for all occasions. Surprise your dad this Father’s Day by adding a few jewellery items to his collection. There is a wide selection of jewellery items from which you can choose by design, customisation, material, and price.

Jewellery Gift Options:

Bracelet, silicone ring, necklace, cufflinks, etc.

9. DIY tools and accessories

With many things going wrong in life from flat tires in the morning to broken windows, life can be a mess without someone who knows how to fix the problems. Thanks to your Superhero dad! Let him know how much you appreciate his presence in your life this Father’s Day with DIY tools and accessories.

Gift ideas:

Multi-tool kit, toolbox, etc.

10. Travel gifts

Life revolves around travelling, whether it is the daily journey to work or shopping, among other adventures! Be in your dad’s thoughts wherever he goes with travel gifts. There are many items to choose from depending on his favourite brands and adventures.

Travel gift ideas:

Backpack, laptop bag, wallet, passport cover, luggage tags & trackers, etc.

11. Gadgets

Make the best impressions on your tech-loving dad this Father’s Day with amazing gadgets. There are many items for every dad out there! So, pick items that he frequently uses.

Gadget ideas:

Mobile phones, mobile phone accessories (charger, wireless charger, cover, table/car stand, etc.), 

12. Digital gifts

Staying far away from your dad? Reach out to him this Father’s Day with digital gifts.

Gift ideas:

Digital greeting card, Happy Father’s voice note (from his favourite celebrity), caricatures, etc.