Choosing a home flooring, especially for living rooms, requires a lot of thought. There are several factors to keep in mind, such as maintenance, cleaning, and most especially, its aesthetic properties. Concrete flooring can serve well for this purpose. LJV Carpets & Flooring can help you to get the best flooring work for your new living room that makes it more attractive.


They are cheap 

If you want a beautiful flooring for your living room, without having to spend so much, concrete flooring may just be the best pick. Although there are other cheap flooring options like carpets and tiles, these are not so often used in modern times compared to concrete flooring. Spending too much on flooring may not be the ideal thing for many people, so if there is a cheap alternative to expensive luxury flooring, something that can give almost the same result, why not try it? 

Likewise, installation is easy and can be completed in not too long a time. Although, you might be tempted to make it a DIY project, which won’t be a bad idea if you are skilled enough, allowing a professional to do this may just be the best. Obviously, you will be spending more, but you’re sure to get the result that you want. 

They can last for a longer time 

Also, unlike most cheap flooring, these are long-lasting. There is no need to change the flooring of your living room for a while as long as you are comfortable with what you have. These floors are usually sealed after installation, this keeps moisture from being absorbed into the floor and eventually damaging it. 

For this reason, it is important to hire a skilled professional who knows much about concrete flooring. If badly done, the floor can be easily damaged by moisture, dust, and particles of dirt that get trapped in. On the other hand, if it is properly installed, the floor can stay for as long as you want it to. 

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Easy to maintain 

Maintenance is easy for this type of flooring. Regular cleaning should keep the floor sparking at all time, and since this is for the living room. that’s exactly what you want. Cleaning can be done either daily or monthly depending on how often the floor is exposed to dust and dirt. Homes with kids may likely require more periods of cleaning compared to ones occupied by just a person. Cleaning requires a combination of both wet and dry mopping, using a cleaner to get rid of the stains and dirt. Avoid using cleaners that are too acidic as this can tamper with the floor sealing, which eventually leads to the floor getting damaged. 

Beautiful designs for living rooms 

This is one interesting feature of concrete flooring. The sleek design makes it perfect for living rooms, especially ones with the modern-day style. The flooring looks even better if matched with the interior decor of your living room. It can easily turn a simple space into an exquisite living room where you can entertain visitors and show off your incredible taste for good home flooring. 

If you want to take things a step further, incorporate a bit of natural designs, and plants. You can get a couple of plant pots, and add some color with beautiful flowers in classic or simple vases. Basically, anything that will make your living room stand out should do. However, you should avoid doing too much; just a few items in the right places. 

Understanding the different types 


This is a beautiful concrete flooring for living rooms. It comes in different designs and is very appealing in a unique way. It is a modern style of flooring. This concrete flooring is becoming popular in recent times. Professionals make the floor by grounding the surface and with abrasive pads. This process, often called concrete grinding, helps to achieve a high-gloss finish which differentiates this type of concrete flooring from the others. Grounding is done at varying degrees, depending on the level of polish that is desired. Sealing comes after this, allowing the flooring to last for a long time. 


For this type of flooring, stains are used to hide dirt on the floor. The floor also gets its color this way. To color, the concrete is stained with an acid product, either hydrochloric or phosphoric acid which is also mixed with salts. This results in the opening of the pores in the concrete and also discoloration on the floor’s surface. Which is an effect of chemical reactions caused by the addition of salts. However, if this is done the DIY way it may be difficult to predict the resultant color from the salt reaction, which is why you may need professional help for this type of flooring.  

Other types

The beautiful unique hues of the epoxy flooring makes it stand out amongst others. It is available in different colors and designs and is perfect for any modern-day living room. It is also very durable and can be used to level up the floor surface. This type of concrete flooring has a similar effect as paintings and can take your living room decor to the next level. Some others like it are the garage floors and overlays. 

The former is full paint chip flooring which is usually dust and waterproof, making it ideal for garages, while the latter is mainly an external flooring made with different type of faux flagstone and pebbles. These are also both beautiful and unique flooring, and are likewise, cost-effective.

Concrete flooring can be very beautiful in homes, and not just for the living room, but the whole house, both interior, and exterior. It is a great way to save cost on home flooring since it is cheaper than most luxury floorings for homes. 

Nevertheless, although concrete floors are uniquely attractive, they have their limitations as well which may cause them to not be too ideal for every part of the house. For instance, concrete floors can become slippery when wet, especially the polished types. so installing it in bathrooms may not be the best idea. But in all, it is an amazing kind of flooring for homes.