Wall graphics can help market your business brand and create a more attractive space for customers. Invest in reusable graphics to enhance your workspace’s aesthetic appeal and create a lasting impression on clients. Here’s more information on wall graphics’ reusability: 

Can You Reuse Your Wall Graphics?

Some wall graphics are reusable, saving you the cost of buying a new graphic when relocating. Many manufacturers provide information on their graphics’ reusability on their packaging, so you should check the details before buying. Contact your manufacturer if the information on reusability isn’t provided before purchase.

How Do You Remove the Graphics?

You need to maintain your wall graphics’ integrity during removal if you want them to look good in your next location. Here are steps to follow during removal:


The best way to prepare is by getting all the tools you’ll need to remove your graphics. With the right tools, you can easily remove the wall graphic without damaging it. Here are the tools you may need:

  • Blow dryer 
  • Rubber bands 
  • Cardboard tube 
  • Original backing paper 

You can buy these tools from your local craft or hardware store. If you don’t have the original backing paper, ask your manufacturer to sell you some. You can use wax paper instead of backing paper if you only intend to reuse small graphics. 


Removing peel-and-stick graphics is easy because they’re designed for quick placement and removal. For easy removal, tug one corner of the sticker you want to remove and peel it down at a 45-degree angle. This can prevent your graphics from stretching or tearing. 

Graphics with strong adhesives can be difficult to remove without applying heat. If you find removing your stickers difficult, use a hairdryer. The heat from the hairdryer can weaken the adhesive and make removal easier. To help the process, set your hairdryer to a low-temperature setting, aim it at different sections, starting with one of the top corners, and gently pull each section away from the wall. Be gentle when removing the graphics to prevent tearing. 


The original backing papers come in handy during storage. Place your graphics on a flat surface, front side down, and attach the backing papers to preserve their adhesives. Avoid getting fingerprints, dust, or water on the graphics, as this can weaken the adhesives. 

After securing the backing paper, roll the graphics around cardboard tubes and secure them with rubber bands. This can keep them in good condition until their re-installation. 


After removing your graphics, your walls will likely have some adhesive stuck to them. You don’t need to have them repainted to get rid of the adhesive, you can remove the glue by cleaning the walls with a washcloth dipped in warm, soapy water. 

How Do You Re-install Graphics?

Prepare your new installation location by cleaning it to eliminate dirt and grime. After proper preparation, remove your graphics from storage using tweezers to prevent fingerprints from affecting the adhesive’s integrity. Place the graphics front side down and pour some watered-down glue on the adhesive to strengthen it. Once your graphics are ready, place them on your walls and use a flat stick to press the adhesive to the walls and remove bubbles. Following this technique will help you achieve successful re-installation and can give your graphics a new look. 

Wall Graphics Are Reusable 

Some wall graphics are reusable. Proper removal is key to maintaining your graphics’ reusability. You need to peel the graphics from their corners to prevent tearing and store them using backing paper and cardboard tubes. This may keep them safe until your re-installation. You can re-install the graphics by reactivating and strengthening their adhesives.