Scrunchies or the hair clouds, whatever you call them, these mid-’80s to 90’s trends did go off the trend but were never off the block. 

Although the ’80s wasn’t a very favourable period in terms of fashion, these hair scrunchies still managed to shine through and create dominance due to their outspoken characteristics. 

But what we come to notice is that these hair scrunchies are not only back but have arrived with full force and form to rule the market. And this time, they shine like armour! 

Let’s look at what is so special about scrunchies that they never let it go off the block. 

  1. Complete Safe for Straightening Hair

Using hair ties for a prolonged period often leaves kinks behind. It not just damages the overall look of the hair but also leads to breakages. But what’s more frustrating is when you have to spend hours straightening your hair and end up tieing them with casualties and then finish! All your hard work goes into vain just because of a hair tie.

Well, fortunately, we have scrunchies. The hair kinks scenarios never happen when you use scrunchies. This extra layer of fabric barriers your hair and doesn’t leave lines on them. 

  1. Less Likely to Give You a Headache

Regular hair ties tend to pull back your hair to make them stick in one place. This damages your hairline, leading to excessive breakages and severe headaches if used for a prolonged period. 

Scrunchies are softer on hair and do not cause headaches. Their soft fabrics are gentle on hair which doesn’t affect your hairline despite multiple wraps around the hair. 

  1. They Don’t Cause Breakage

Yes, you heard that right; no, we aren’t lying, neither are you reading some crazy fanfiction. 

Compared to the regular hair tie, scrunchies are considerably easier on your hair. That’s because of the layer of fabric separating your hair and the elastic. No matter what people snag about your hair and pull it out, you cannot deny the facts about scrunchies. They are soft and easily glide through the hair instead of pulling and tugging hair strains. 

  1. They are Harder to Lose

We are sure this point is worth reading. However, if you ask me, I have only lost one scrunchy to date when it fell out of my handbag while travelling, which is the rarest event. In contrast, I cannot count the number of hair ties I have lost or given away to my friends to date on my fingers. 

Of course, this may be my opinion, but I’m sure countless of you can relate to this! Moreover, the amount invested on one scrunchy is undoubtedly smaller than you would employ on the packages of hair ties you are more than anticipated to lose or ‘loan’ to a familiar. 

Bottom Line

If we yet haven’t persuaded you to switch to hair scrunchies, we may need to start working on another category! But, for now, we are sure you can accept these are absolutely great profits for your hair’s health and your fashion mind.