Your products are all set after spending months planning to manufacture goods that will pass quality assurance. You know that these products will sell because you have diligently done your market research—you have a target audience who will love and patronize them. To reach that audience, you need ads and Amazon store optimization. 

With all the tasks on your plate, doing them all on your own would be difficult work. Good thing there are Amazon advertising agencies where you can get expert help. In this article, let’s get down to the critical areas of marketing and how an Amazon digital marketing agency like can assist you in these tasks. 

On Amazon Search Engine Optimization

Marketing inside Amazon involves thinking of creative ways to get your customers’ attention and optimize advertisements with keywords for them to appear on client search results. 

But you can appear anywhere if you’re struggling to even create an Amazon seller account. For that purpose, you can buy an Amazon seller’s account from places like

Amazon is governed by the algorithm called A10. This year, with the change of name from A9 to A10, Amazon updated what the algorithm checks. These are the different areas the algorithm considers now:

  • Relevance to the searches regardless of sales
  • Seller authority measure through reviews and positive customer feedback
  • Inventory variety, bundling, and lasting supply
  • Advertisements inside and outside the platform’s clickthrough and conversion rate
  • Sales history and from organic sales

Despite the changes, search engine optimization (SEO) remains important to achieve organic sales and for your paid ads to appear on customer search results. Three processes fall under this category, including:

Keyword Research 

Optimization begins with keyword research. Tools such as Google Trends, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Wordstream, Helium 10, and Keywords Everywhere are your best companions in this area. These tools have different functions of showing relevant and long-tail keywords, pay-per-click (PPC) cost, and even doing competitor keyword analysis through reverse ASIN. Yet, with the thousands of keyword suggestions, it still takes strategizing to pick which keyword to optimize your page and ads. 

Moreso, the work does not stop with SEO, but you need to monitor how the keywords perform constantly. Doing so will help you get an idea of which keywords to bid on for paid ads. On the other hand, you can reoptimize if some keywords are not performing as expected. 

Product Page Optimization 

After determining which keywords to use, you can now optimize your product page by including these in prominent areas, such as:

  • Product Title: Be mindful of the character count limit. We suggest using the product title’s character allowance for high-performing keywords instead of adding your brand name, which may have lesser searches. 
  • Bullet Points and Product Description: Make the most of the 1000-character suggestion of Amazon for the bullet points by writing readable, informative, and optimized descriptions and good-to-knows.
  • Backend keywords: There will be cases where your research results in poorly formatted keywords, like abbreviations, misspelled words, and foreign phrases. These are often very difficult to insert in a compelling product page description or article. Where do they go, then? The backend.

How An Agency Can Help 

Partnering with an Amazon online marketing agency allows you to be assisted by experts in keywords research, SEO, and enhanced brand content

Jumpstart and Monitor SEO

Your keyword research will be handled by SEO experts who will use trusted keyword research tools. An SEO team will also be the one to decide which keywords to use in a sea of suggestions—thinking about competitor analysis? These experts will also include that in their tasks. 

Copywriters Handling Page Text Content

Copywriters will seamlessly include the chosen keywords in the product bullet points. Experienced copywriters will weave information about your products and the keywords smoothly to ensure readability and optimization. They will utilize the five bullet points and 1000-character Amazon bullet points requirements to convince your product page visitors that you are the best choice in the market and they should buy your product. 

Graphics Design Team for Appealing Images

Trained graphic designers will create the images you will get from an Amazon marketing services agency. They will render images that are as informative as the texts you included in your bullet points. For example, your product description will provide more information about the product you sell. It is also an area for your other products and brand awareness. 

On Amazon Advertising

It’s time to look into Amazon PPC campaigns and the different strategies to succeed within the platform. 

Different Amazon Ad Types

There are four main types of Amazon Ads, and they work best for different goals. 

Sponsored AdsGoals
Sponsored ProductsThis ad type is best in highlighting your best-selling product. If you want to maintain or boost sales of a particular product, this is the ad type to use.
Sponsored BrandsMeanwhile, Sponsored Brands are best for brand awareness and if you want to lead viewers of your ads to your Amazon Store where all your products are posted. 
Sponsored DisplayThese are the ads that target browsing customers within or outside Amazon.
Amazon StoreAmazon Store serves as your mini-website within the platform, where you can post all your products and information about your brand. 

Here are some tips to help you with your PPC ad strategies:

Use the Amazon ads accordingly. 

First, ensure that you are using the right Amazon Sponsored Ads type for your goals. Take note of the information above as your guide. 

Begin with a high PPC budget. 

We recommend starting with a high budget for your campaigns to ensure that they will not run out. If you invest in a lower ads budget, there may be a chance that your PPC budget runs out, and your ads pause when the number of customers is at peak. 

Do not overdo negative keywords.

Negative keywords are the words that cause your ads to appear on searches that are unrelated to what the customer is looking for. As a result, you get a cost for the click without a sale. Use negative keywords but not to the point that you no longer appear in related searches. 

It would be best if you used auto and manual campaigns together. 

You do not need to choose whether to have automatic or manual campaigns as it is best to use them together. Launch auto campaigns first to get an idea on which keywords do the most searches, then complement it with manual bidding on performing keywords. 

Learn from your competitors. 

You can do a quick competitor analysis using the reverse ASIN in a keyword research tool. Through this feature, you can see the keywords your competitors are using. Depending on your strategy, this may be an excellent way to decide what keywords to incorporate in your ads. 

Be wise with your ad targeting. 

There are plenty of strategies you can do for ad targeting like the following:

  • On your competitor’s page
  • On newly launched listings
  • On more expensive products
  • On products with a lower rating and lesser reviews

The goal is for your product to be the better option than the page the customer landed on. 

Use foreign languages and Spanish keywords.

You must have heard of Spanish keywords for your store and ads optimization. This strategy isn’t a myth, and you should include foreign languages, too, especially if your target audience involves foreigners. These customers use their mother tongue to search, so naturally, localized keywords may be ideal.

How an Ad Agency Can Help

Here are some of the ways a team of Amazon professionals can be of assistance:

PPC Experts will handle your campaigns.

The tasks that a PPC expert from an Amazon marketing company will help you with are PPC strategizing, ad campaign monitoring, data analysis, reporting, and adjustments of strategies if need be. So it pays to have an Amazon expert looking into an area of your business where you invest so much. 

Ads optimization

In the same way, as Amazon SEO experts took the lead for your store optimization, they will also recommend the strategies to take for your ad’s keywords. Thus, you are assured that the keywords you bid for are studied first by experts and not only picked randomly. 

Marketing experts will make your ads stand out.

There are 9.7 million Amazon sellers worldwide this year 2021, and saying that the competition is tough is an understatement. A team of marketing experts ensures that the ads will catch your target audiences’ attention, pique their curiosity, and have them click through your ads to learn more about the product. 

Ad content by professionals

It will be easy to catch your viewers’ attention with appealing images or videos, which a team of experienced content creators will provide. The plans and visions of the marketing team will all come to life because of this team of genius graphic designers or video producers.