Netflix, the streaming giant, has a long history of adapting graphic novels to screenplays. The latest Netflix offering, “Bodies,” is based on Si Spencer’s graphic novel and takes viewers through four different time periods. Netflix’s ambitious project is a story that combines mystery, crime and the supernatural while paying homage to Si Spencer.

The Genius Of Si Spencer: From British Comics To Television

Si Spencer was more than a comic book author. He was an artist and a storyteller, who used different media to tell captivating stories. He began his career in British comics, such as Crisis. By combining compelling visuals and unique narratives, Spencer carved out a niche.

Spencer’s move to the American comics industry allowed him to reach a wider audience. Spencer’s talent as a TV playwright shone in popular British television shows, such as Grange Hill and EastEnders.

The Mystery of “Bodies:” A Unique Premise

The police procedural “Bodies”, however, is nothing like your typical drama. The storyline is based on the mysterious reappearance in London’s East End of the same corpse in 1890 and in the years 1941, 2023, 2053. The detectives in each period try to solve the mystery, leading to intriguing tales about investigation, interconnected stories, and challenges from the different eras.

Four illustrators from four eras collaborate on a new book.

The distinct style of each era is one of the most striking features of “Bodies”, the graphic novel. Si Spencer’s collaboration between four different illustrators is a brilliant move, giving readers a visual treat which defines each period. This method not only adds to the story, but also gives readers a visual timeline they can follow.

“Bodies” at Netflix: Transforming the Graphic Novel into a Screenplay

It is difficult to adapt a graphic novel as complex as “Bodies.” It took a delicate touch to combine the depth of the story with its unique visual style. Netflix’s commitment to high-quality content is evident in their approach to maintaining the original and translating it into a visual medium that millions of people can access.

Si Spencer’s Storytelling: A Beacon for the World

Si Spencer’s untimely death in 2021 has left a gap in the worlds of TV dramas and comics. Spencer’s support for budding writers and artists was well-known, beyond his impressive body work. His innovative style and dedication to his craft inspired many. And, today, the legacy he leaves behind continues to shine.

The Impact and Reception of “Bodies on Contemporary TV Viewing

Since its release in 2007, “Bodies”, not only for its unique plot, but also to pay tribute to Si Spencer, has received a lot of attention. Netflix’s adaptation of “Bodies” is a testament to its commitment to offering narratives which push the limits of traditional storytelling.

“Bodies”, a timeless appeal

“Bodies”, a powerful reminder of the power in storytelling, is a must-read. Si Spencer’s “Bodies” is an inspiring testament to creativity, innovation, perseverance and persistence of true artists like himself.

Netflix’s “Bodies”, a work of exceptional quality, stands out. It’s not only a great drama series, but also a loving tribute to Si Spencer.


1. What is the significance of Si Spencer in “Bodies”, a Netflix series?
Si Spencer is a British writer of comic books and television dramas. Netflix’s “Bodies”, based on Spencer’s graphic novel, is available.

2. What is the uniqueness of the artwork in “Bodies”, a graphic novel?
“Bodies”, a collaboration between four illustrators who each contributed a unique style to the story, was created by four different illustrators.

3. How many years is the “Bodies'” storyline?
The story is divided into four different years, 1890, 1940, 2023 and 2053. Each year presents a distinct mystery.

4. What was Si Spencer’s contribution to British TV?
Si Spencer’s versatility is evident in his scripts written for British shows such as Grange Hill and EastEnders.

5. What caused Si Spencer’s premature death?
Si Spencer died in February 2021 due to heart failure, just months before his 60th Birthday.