The princely state of Rajasthan offers an array of intriguing vacation spots in the nation. There are numerous tourist places in Rajasthan to explore during your holidays in this state. The state can ideally bring all the best from the past by offering places to visit during your holiday.

Rajasthan undoubtedly tops the list of destinations to visit when travelling in India, with gorgeous and awestruck places to visit in Rajasthan.  Moreover, the city is full of intriguing attractions and places of interest that draw tourists worldwide.

Further, Rajasthan attracts visitors due to its traditional cuisines, glorious tradition and folklore that honours the courage of its legendary rulers and princes. In the state of Rajasthan, you will be able to experience a different experience every step of the way.

If you’ve been thinking of visiting this state but aren’t sure or want to get the most out of what Rajasthan offers, this post will provide you with the tourist attractions in Rajasthan.

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Now, let’s check out Nine tourist places in Rajasthan for your holidays(although there are many places for Rajasthan sightseeing) in this post.

9 Tourist Places in Rajasthan For Your 2022 Holiday



Jaipur, the Pink City, is known for its dynamic attraction. The city captivates tourists with its impressive display of various art, architecture, beauty, and folklore. There’s plenty to explore throughout the city, including temples, forts, gardens, planned streets and vibrant markets. It is the major destination for those who want to explore The Golden Triangle, including Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra. The city has plenty to offer visitors with various old palaces, forts, and historic buildings. So, you must include Jaipur as your tourist places in Rajasthan.



Amongst the famous tourist destinations of Rajasthan is Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer is in the Thar Desert. The local monuments, built from gold-coloured sand and stones, have been able to earn Jaisalmer the title of the “Golden City”. You can visit the Jaisalmer Fort, Gadisar Lake, Sam Sand Dunes, and Bada Bagh, all significant destinations to see here.

When you are in the town of Jaisalmer, it is possible to indulge in many desert adventures that are not just thrilling but also packed with excitement.  Further, the city provides pleasant experiences in the vast expanse of Thar desert and plenty of activities that will give you an unforgettable experience. In addition, the city is brimming with vibrant handicraft markets that take you back to the past to provide you with an understanding of Indian traditions and culture. So, you must include Jaisalmer in your places to visit in Rajasthan.



Udaipur is among the most popular and famous places in Rajasthan to visit and is a gorgeous picturesque tourist destination brimming with lovely gardens, beautiful temples, and stunning lakes. Friendly people, well-planned architecture, well-designed layout, and much natural beauty have earned this city the respect of travellers.

Since the city is brimming with vibrant and welcoming historical treasures, it is an absolute must-see during summertime. It is one of the most-visited tourist places in Rajasthan. The beautiful sun is visible, reflecting on the lakes creating a stunning background.



Jodhpur is popularly known by its nickname, The Sun City of Rajasthan, as it has sunny weather. The city’s old walls and forts from the past and stunning palaces are well worth visiting. Further, it is among the most well-known places to visit in Rajasthan since it houses several tourist attractions and forts.

Ranthambore National Park

The Ranthambore National Park is a must-see destination for anyone who loves adventure in Rajasthan and is among the most prominent tourist places in Rajasthan. The vast structures of this park include three temples that were destroyed, along with a pavilion and monuments.

Further, it is possible to take the safari tour, one of the most thrilling activities and allows you to observe the wild animals wandering around the forest. Bird

watching tours should be something you take a look at because Ranthambhore boasts over 300 bird species, and the most exclusive experience is to spot tigers within the park.


Ajmer, one of the tourist places in Rajasthan, is a town known for its beauty and grandeur. Further, many people want to know the famous tourist spots in Ajmer. Tourists visit Ajmer primarily to experience the Aravali Hills.

Further, it is among India’s most popular pilgrimage destinations and is frequently visited by many famous people worldwide. The belief is that everyone regardless of faith or religion, who offers prayers in the Dargah will never be left empty-handed.

Mount Abu

Being one of the few hill stations in Rajasthan, Mount Abu is frequented by many tourists every year for its breathtaking beauty and is one of the popular tourist attractions in Rajasthan. It is not just the beautiful beauty of  the area that is  a delight for tired travellers. Still, its mythological significance is  a  reason  to consider it a destination worth going to. Since it is the only hill station in Rajasthan, the area is the most sought-after tourist attraction in Rajasthan in the summertime. It is a popular  destination  for residents, and it  is  also an ideal  place to meet on weekends.


While Kota is among the top places to prepare for exams, it is  also  among  the tourist places in Rajasthan. Further, it is home to many of the  most  beautiful palaces, forts and other heritage sites.

Kota is not just the home of beautiful artificial structures but is well-known for its captivating natural beauty. Numerous locations will truly indulge your senses. The city has a lot to say about its beauty through its recorded history, modern tourist attractions, ancient monuments and stunning scenic views of the water of Chambal. So, ensure to include the place in your Rajasthan sightseeing list.


Jhalawar, once known as Brijnagar, is among the renowned tourist places in Rajasthan. Its abundance of the natural beauty of lush nature and wildlife makes it the main site. The distinctive topography of the region is due to the areas of red poppy and orange-rich orchards. The main attractions are the Jhalawar Fort and the Jhalawar Government Museum. You can also go to Gagron Fort, one of the hill forts.

Final Say

So, these were some of the most prominent nine  tourist places  in  Rajasthan that you must not miss during your Rajasthan holidays. Further, customize your Rajasthan holiday package with LIH Travels to make the most of your trip.