Coffee.  What a wonderful way to start the day.  Warmth, boldness, and sharp acidity with creams, sugars or nothing at all; most people enjoy coffee every morning.  Since coffee is such a universal drink, it makes coffee beans, grounds, and even subscriptions the perfect gift.

Why is Coffee the Perfect Gift?

It just is!  

Coffee is a warm beverage brewed from coffee beans that is usually mixed with sweeteners or creams to cut the bitterness of the coffee.  True coffee grounds are a great gift: if you want to get someone an alternative to coffee, there are also mushroom and carob coffees.  This just adds to the point that coffee, even substitutes, are a perfect gift.  

If we stick to bean coffee, then there are quite a few reasons why they are so perfect no matter the situation.  From how brands support the environment, to nostalgic items, coffee is a very versatile gift.

1. You Don’t Know What Someone Likes

We have all been there: the first time you are invited to someone’s home, or a party for someone you are still getting to know.  It’s hard to figure out what to get someone even if you ask their close friends.  At this point, coffee wins.

There are many sample boxes out there from those found at Starbucks, Dunkin, or local coffee houses.  Even searching Amazon gives a huge result on coffee samplers.  

If you aren’t sure what to get someone and you know they drink coffee, get them something outside of the normal dark brew, light brew, decaf routine.  Introducing someone to a whole new world is a special gift!

2. There’s Always Someone New

If you have someone in your circle that decided to dive into the world of coffee, then you are in luck! A new coffee lover who is diving deep into the culture will need a lot of resources.  Fortunately for you, there are several kits and resources out there that usually come with a tasty coffee sample.  

If you also search for a coffee kit and look at the hundreds that pop up, you’re sure to find something that will fit your budding brewer.   If you continue searching, you could find books, samplers and more that are going to be a great gift.  

3. Coffee Grounds Relate to Most People

Even if the giftee doesn’t really like coffee, there are novelty bags and more that you can find as a perfect gift.  There are coffee decor items, coffee signs, coffee grounds with a specific theme and more.  Because coffee is everywhere and a part of many cultures, it is a relatable gift.

4. Even Gardeners can Use Coffee

It may seem strange, but coffee is a wonderful fertilizer that attracts worms to in-ground plants: the worms love munching on coffee grounds.  Grounds make a great addition to any fertilizer and, added bonus, your garden friend might like coffee too.

5.  Some Brands Support Ethical Sourcing

Ethical sourcing is when the people involved in the coffee making process are treated correctly, paid proper wages, given proper working conditions and more.  

Supporting businesses that work to create an ethical environment can be a great gift to give someone.  Additionally, in personal experience, many of the brands are absolutely delicious!

6.  Some Brands Support Responsible Animal Care

If there is an animal lover in your circle, there are also several coffee brands that support various causes.  From supporting the reestablishment of pandas, to ensuring the survival of a local plant, many coffee brands donate to specific ecological programs.

7. Coffee Doesn’t Have to be Used Right Now …

The best part about a sealed bag of coffee grounds is that they can last for roughly five months.  On the other hand, as soon as a bag is opened, the grounds have to be used within three weeks.  If they aren’t used, then the morning cup of joe starts to taste pretty stale.

8. … But It Could Be Used Right Now

On the flipside, if you know an avid coffee lover, they might want to make the coffee right then and there.  Either option gives coffee another edge in the gifting game.  Just think, sitting and smelling delicious coffee while catching up with a friend.  That sounds pretty perfect!


Hopefully it’s not a surprise as to why coffee is one of the best gifts.  It’s versatile, can be shared, smells wonderful, warms the stomach and warms the heart.  

Whether you enjoy the sanctity of alone time and coffee or it is your go to when meeting up with others, a bag of coffee grounds is appreciated.  Plus, when someone drinks their gifted coffee, they can’t help but think of happy memories and your thoughtfulness.