VPN services are the primary tool for keeping your online browsing safe, while taking care to protect our privacy on the internet .

In this article, in addition to advising you which are the best VPNs like ITop VPN we will also see what they are, how they work and how to use them effectively.

What is a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a security and privacy service of communication networks that allows an encrypted connection between a computer and a VPN service provider server called in jargon a tunnel, from which our data will then exit encrypted.

This means we can create:

  • A secure connection between us and our company’s server to access internal private systems:
  • A secure connection between us and any website on which we always browse using a VPN service that takes care of masking all traffic for us, guaranteeing us anonymity on the internet (this also applies to messaging services such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype and everything that uses internet data traffic).

In this article we will see how to make the most of and choose the Best VPNs for the second and most interesting case, that is, for anonymity, privacy and internet security.

It is important to understand that security is not a product (as those who work in the field know) but a process: using a VPN will certainly increase our level of privacy and security on the internet but will not magically make us invulnerable to attacks. Sophisticated and will not allow us to carry out illegal activities without consequences. Common sense is always required when using these types of technologies.

How to use a VPN

When we connect to a VPN server, all traffic that passes between us and the VPN is encrypted and cannot be intercepted by anyone in between. After the traffic has passed through the tunnel, the VPN will send the connection requests externally and make us surf the internet normally.

Whether we use torrents, visit streaming sites, interact on social networks or browse the internet normally, we will not connect directly with our address but the VPN will. Nobody will be able to identify the IP address of our computer or Smartphone. Advertisers (who send advertisements), potential attackers, website or site operators and even our internet provider, will not be able to reach us directly.

In this way, it is necessary wisely descargar vpn that can be used to bypass security and censorship blocks, limitations imposed by providers on Peer 2 Peer services and also allow you to change IP and country, just as if we were connected from another country (for example to use the catalog complete with Netflix USA).

ITop VPN the best VPN

Among the best VPNs iTop VPN is the fastest and secure VPN. Service with a truly competitive price and therefore highly recommended for those who want to save a little. This VPN is optimized for streaming (works perfectly with US Netflix catalog and other legal streaming services).

 ITop VPN supports IPv6 Servers and others most important features like kill switch this feature protects against sudden shutdown of the VPN connection. ITop VPN supports up to 6 numbers of devices at the same time (routers, computers, cell phones). Among the best VPNs ever, it doesn’t store browsing information. ITop VPN offers the possibility to access the USA catalogs of the well-known streaming services of Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video and supports an anti-leak mode to prevent DNS Leak and IP Leak.

Sounds good, so what are you waiting for? Descargar vpn and enjoy the safe and fast browsing.