Christmas is the worst time to be wishing for a clean, uncluttered home. Christmas presents, parties, and everything else that has to do with gatherings and celebrations all means that you are going to deal with a lot of clutter before the holiday is over. This can be a problem if you want to keep your house tidy and organized, regardless of the season. Read on to know what you can do to keep your home clutter-free during the holidays and beyond. 

Top Christmas Storage Tips for Cluttered Households 

Organize with uniform storage pieces  

If you are dealing with lots of clutter during the day because you have kids and their toys, laundry to fold, and other items that still do not have their rightful places in the home, it is time to invest in useful storage pieces. Christmas storage bags are an easy choice if you want your storage to double as decor. Big wicker baskets can also work great for storing toys, extra pillows and throw blankets, laundry, and other big items that are better off hidden from view. For smaller containers, you can opt for drawer organizers or stackable storage boxes. You can easily set these in one corner of the room so that they stay out of everyone’s way but are still easily accessible. By opting for storage pieces that look more or less the same, you are reducing visual clutter, and this helps keep your spaces looking tidy and uncluttered. 

Use double-purpose furniture 

If you can add a few more pieces of furniture around the house, opt for furniture that can serve as storage. For example, coffee tables or ottomans that can double as storage will work wonders for keeping your living areas clutter-free. You can store extra Christmas pillows, decor, or even hide Christmas gifts in the storage compartments and no one will ever know. 

Shrink-wrap and vacuum-seal Christmas decor 

When the holidays are over, you will need an efficient solution to keep your tree and ornaments in good condition for the following year. The best way to do this would be to shrink-wrap your tree and vacuum-seal the rest of your decor. A shrink-wrapped tree is very easy to unwrap and set up when the Christmas holidays come back around. Vacuum-sealed decor is very easy to store because they occupy a small amount of space in your storage room or basement. Vacuum-sealing your decor also protects them from the elements so your hanging stockings, wreaths, and ornaments look as good as new when next year’s Christmas rolls around. 

Plastic-cup Ornament Storage  

If you want to protect your small breakable ornaments from damage, you can DIY a handy storage solution using leftover plastic cups. Glue plastic cups onto a piece of cardboard so that they stay in place, and you can drop in your small Christmas ornaments into each cup. This is a nifty trick for avoiding scratches, mixing, and breaking and will lengthen the shelf-life of your Christmas ornaments. You can stack one set of plastic cups over the other inside a big storage box for easy moving and storage. 

Use cardboard slats for storing Christmas lights 

Christmas lights can easily tangle and break when not stored the right way. Make storing lights easier by wrapping your Christmas lights in wide cardboard slats before you put them inside the storage box. Using cardboard slats eliminates tangles and makes it easy to unwrap the lights when you need to use them again. 

Fold unused cardboard boxes flat 

If you want to reuse and repurpose gift boxes next year, flatten them out and bundle them into flat stacks that you can easily set aside in a corner of the basement. Unused boxes especially the big ones can easily add to the clutter in your home because they take up so much space. By flattening them out you can get them out of everyone’s way. 

Use under-the-bed storage for Christmas decor 

If you live in a small apartment or home and do not have the luxury of an extra storage room or closet, opt for under-the-bed storage. You can find flat storage boxes that come with wheels, so they easily slide in and out from under the bed. With this type of storage, you can keep your Christmas decor out of sight and out of mind once the holidays are over. 

Give stuff away 

While this is not exactly a storage tip, giving stuff away is the only way to reduce clutter in your home. You cannot keep your home clutter-free if you add new items every year without letting some old ones go. Send unusable items to recycling or better yet, donate unused stuff to your local charity. Not only are you reducing the clutter in your home, but you are also keeping the giving spirit of the holidays alive. 

There are so many reasons why Christmas is the worst time to start organizing. But if you are dealing with a cluttered house, you need solutions that can help you tidy up fast. Double-purpose storage options, quick DIY storage solutions, and inexpensive but practical storage bags and bins are just a few ways to help you deal with all the clutter that this holiday brings.