Do you like adding pops of color to your space or do you wish to liven the colors in your existing décor? This is the right place for you! You may use simple creative and exciting ideas like a pair of throw pillows to change any space from dull to a stimulating environment. You can also go for a more comprehensive option like wall painting

The good news is that there are several ways to add colors to your space without breaking the bank or altering your décor flow. Find some of the most interesting ideas below. 

neutral palette wall art ideas

1. Bringing in Wall Arts

Irrespective of your tastes or décor sense, wall art is an excellent way to add more color to your existing home décor. You can always create wall arts that suit your home appearance. One great thing about wall art is that it will make your home appear unique. 

Hanging a fascinating, colorful portrait of, say, your family picture on your wall will create attention in your home. It will also serve as a backdrop for your existing home décor. For example, you may choose a black and white photo in a small room or add color with excellent space.

2. Bringing in Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are not only included in home decor for their function in giving additional comfort, but they provide attractive colors and textures to your home. Throw pillows can instantly add more color to your home decor and make it styled and comfortable. You can place them on chairs and sofas to add more color to your space. Besides, you can change the cover of these pillows to give the desired look of your living room without stress. 

neutral color palette wall art

3. Bringing in Rugs

Nothing feels relatively better as a rug under your feet. You may include a beautiful and colorful rug that greets you every morning and welcomes you back home after a long day’s hustle. Furthermore, apart from giving warmth, a colorful rug may add more color to your existing home décor and complement your wall color. 

4. Bringing in Furniture

Furniture is a very innovative and interesting way to add colors to your home décor. Your furniture will take the larger part of your space, and it’s the first item your visitor will notice when they come to your house. Quality and beautiful furniture with an amazing color will offer your home great comfort and complement your home décor. Some of the furniture you may use is chairs, sofa, table, etc.

5. Bringing in an Wallpaper

Decorative accents will have a huge effect on your existing home decor. It will bring more life and color to your room. Adding colorful wallpaper with beautiful patterns will be a backdrop to your home décor.

neutral palette home decor

6. Bringing in Home plants

Home plants are significant home elements, and they are created to make you feel and look good. They can neutralize harmful substances present in many furniture and paints used in your home. Aside from these great functions, bringing in greenery into your home will complement the existing décor in your space. 

Wrapping Up

There are so many creative ways you can add color to your home. Using items like accessories and accent furniture pieces makes it easier to add colors readily to your home. With the above interesting ways, you can do some touches to your home decor. You can also explore creative ways to add colors to neutral palette. Good luck!