Steampunk is supposed to be a subgenre of fantasy and fiction cultures. However, in the past few years, it is regarded as a phenomenally popular fashion movement combining technological advancements with Victorian-inspired clothing. It may have come to the limelight in recent years but Steampunk fashion seems to have been in vogue for decades now particularly, in the existing costuming community. The aesthetics of Steampunk fashion has been designed keeping in mind a post-apocalyptic era. Don’t forget to check your favourite smiley face hats , cutest accessories for your wardrobe.

Ever since this genre was introduced, the Steampunk fashion aesthetic has remained constant. Steampunk aesthetic designs have incorporated industrial steam-powered machinery of the 19th century and technology. Steampunk is supposed to be a subculture that has its roots in the Victorian era and could be traced back to writers like H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. Steampunk clothing has been a fusion of retro technology and features of fantastical tradition from the Victorian era of the “Industrial Revolution”.

The Popular Steampunk Clothing 

Steampunk clothing included pants, blouses, skirts, and corsets along with diverse styles of outerwear. It highlights features of post-apocalyptic fashion, dieselpunk attire, and cyberpunk style. For women, some Steampunk costume essentials are dresses, corsets, underbust pinafores, short jackets, feather fascinator hats, shrugs, and also trench coats. There is a fascination for clothes in typical brown or black hues with red, ivory, green, or white accents. 

Steampunk men’s fashion is no less fascinating. Men can jazz up their Steampunk ensemble with different types of pants, cravats, coats, skirts, scarves, tights, shirts, sleeve garters, and leather suspenders. Steampunk fashion includes a host of accessories and items including gear belts, masks, and mechanical armbands. We have witnessed the fact that there are practically no limits to wearing or designing Victorian Steampunk costumes and you may opt for outfits that have a lace trimming or ruffle or choose attractive accessories with leather and brass. The highlight of Steampunk fashion is top hats that come with chains, clock wheels, and fantasy lace. 

Steampunk Hats Never Go out of Fashion

Steampunk hats are great for completing your dressing for your passion or a themed event. Some men would love to customize their unique Steampunk hat while others may opt for readymade leather or wool top hat embellished with Steampunk buckles, gears, and brass. 

Steampunk Bowler Hat

Bowler hats are known to be an iconic style of hats that had been created in Britain in the mid-1800s. Nowadays, bowler hats are available in a softer wool version for extra comfort. You have access to bowler hats with fresh takes on conventional stiffer Steampunk bowler hat styles. However, Steampunk bowler hats will never lose their charm and edge.

Steampunk Top Hats

Today you have access to a host of Steampunk hats for themed parties. These hats are deeply influenced and inspired by 19th-century styles, however, they boast of modern-day quality. These are slightly softer to allow more comfort. There is an inner band of organic cotton and often contemporary Steampunk top hat comes with gold satin linings. They often feature leather bands and brass-colored metal clock wheels.

The Short Top Hat

The top hat is supposed to be the tallest hat to date but you can choose from a Steampunk short top hat if you have a fascination for a style, not height. These hats often come with embellishments that are perfect for themed parties such as brass gears. The best part of the short top hats is the classic lining in gorgeous gold satin. Today small top hats that are fastened by pins, scaly caps, oversized bowler hats, or the regular Steampunk top hats are phenomenally popular for accessorizing with your Steampunk costume for Mardi Gras Carnival or Masquerade Costume Party. 

Tips for Maintaining Your Steampunk Hats

· Avoid washing, dry-cleaning, or ironing.

· Remove all the surface dust using a rubber roller or tape.

· Lightly brush the hat surface using a dry brush for drying.

· Store in a bag or box kept in a cool dry place. Avoid squeezing otherwise, the hats may lose their shape and look sloppy.

Some Other Must-Have Steampunk Accessories 

Lace or leather gloves are often used to accessorize your Steampunk outfits and take your Steampunk fashion to the next level. Some gloves boast decorative clockwork elements and some gloves may be fingerless. Steampunk fashion is incomplete without scarves in earth tones with vibrant and unique prints. The look is authentic if you wear a silk or fringe scarf. Corsets are classical Steampunk accessories. 

You may choose to wear a full-length corset or an under-bust for accenting your Steampunk look and fashion. Complete your look with leather belts embellished with clockwork designs and buckles. A Victorian-era style bustle is often used for accessorizing a Steampunk outfit for accentuating natural curves. You may wear a coat, mask, and a pair of boots, goggles or sunglasses, necklace, bracelet, earrings, etc. to complete your Steampunk look.


You could carry along with you a few more things like a cane, umbrellas and parasols, leather straps and holsters, and decorative weapons too. Steampunk fashion focuses on ultimate comfort and at the same time, you get the opportunity to flaunt your unique style.