There are several occasions where gifts and bouquets are exchanged among friends and family members to celebrate and create good memories. Christmas, new years eve, birthday parties, house-warming parties, marriage anniversaries, office promotion parties; gifts are exchanged on all these occasions. However, gifts should mean more than their monetary value. Gifts should create an emotional bond between the person who gives the gift and the one who receives it.

5 Tips On How To Give A Perfect Gift To Your Friends And Family

Home Decor Items

Home decor items like flower vases, candle stands, showpieces, and table lamps are perfect items to give as presents. Creative liquor bottle ideas that ingeniously use old liquor bottles to make lamps and vases can make wonderful gifts. Most often, when a bottle of liquor is over, people dispose of the empty glass bottle. However, if the bottle has a wide mouth, it can be beautifully painted to turn it into a flower vase. 

Old liquor bottles can be used to make table lamps in two ways. The glass bottle can be painted, and LED light strips can be inserted into the bottle. Such a glass bottle will create a beautifully lit and brightly painted glass lamp. Also, a lampshade can be added on top of a glass bottle. Then a bulb can be fitted into the mouth of the glass bottle to make a table lamp.

If a bottle has a wide mouth, it can be made into a candle holder. If you can cut the bottle near the middle, you can fill molten wax in it to make a candle. Moreover, old liquor bottles can be used to make showpieces. Bottles can be painted and accessorized with ribbons to make showpieces.

Cosmetics And Self-Care Products

Cosmetics, jewelry, perfumes, and other accessories like belts and handbags have been perfect gifts for a long time. However, beauty products can be personalized if gifted in custom-made gift boxes. You can visit to find a wide variety of gift boxes. Gift boxes can be made of wood, plastic, or glass. Wooden gift boxes can be gracefully carved and be quite heavy. Plastic gift boxes, on the other hand, are lighter and easier to maintain. 

If, however, you want to be creative, you can make a gift box yourself. However, you will have to be precise while taking measurements for the box. Just as a medical device injection molding factory takes precise measurements for their products, you too will have to do the same. 

Food Items As Gifts

Food items are common items that are given as gifts. Chocolate boxes with assorted chocolates are available at a wide range of prices. If you want your gift to be unique, you must decide on the flavor based on the person’s liking.

 For instance, if somebody likes nuts, you give them a bar of nut-filled chocolate. Likewise, if somebody has a preference for dark chocolate, you should give them a box filled with dark chocolates. However, gifts need not be restricted to just chocolates. You can give a box full of cookies, cupcakes, pastries, or even a packet of marshmallows.    

Clothes And Shoes

You can give formal and informal clothes as presents. Nonetheless, gifts need not be restricted to clothes alone; ties, scarves, and pullovers may also be given as presents. Whenever you choose to give clothes as gifts, you have to be careful to buy clothes of the correct measurement.

Shoes can also be given as gifts; you have to choose sneakers, boots, or heels, depending on the person’s preferences. While gifting clothes and shoes, a person’s favorite color and preferred type of fabric also have to be kept in mind.

A Bottle Of Wine

A bottle of wine with a ribbon tied around its neck is a classic gift for formal occasions like office promotion parties. The type of wine, whether red or white, will depend on the person’s taste and liking. Thus not only an empty bottle of liquor but even a bottle filled with sparkling wine can be a unique gift item. 


A good gift is one that has a sentimental value hence the presents must be personalized. Also, greeting cards are a great way to add a personal touch and convey a heartfelt message to the receiver of the gift. Just like greeting cards, even flowers convey a thousand sentiments. Thus giving a bouquet and a card along with your gift can significantly enhance the value of your gift.

Moreover, you must remember that the best cards are hand-made ones. Hand-made shows that you are willing to invest your time to make the card special for the receiver. Thus, hand-made cards reflect that you deeply care about the person. All these efforts make a gift special and worth remembering.