Taco truck catering is a stylish way to feed your event attendees. With this simple form of catering, you can provide tasty food in a social and fun environment. It also allows for quick setup and easy teardown, making event planning and organization easy. If you are hosting an event, find a taco truck that matches your budget and needs. Here are tips for finding a taco truck to cater your event.

1.) Check Reviews

Before booking any taco truck for your event, check online reviews. Different people explain their experiences working with the taco truck and summarize what to expect. Customers will also recommend the best taco trucks based on their experiences.

Read through both positive and negative reviews, especially how the truck management responds to negative reviews. Choose taco trucks with many positive reviews, particularly those that engage with customers.

2.) Consult With Your Guests

If you’d like to know how many people would enjoy Mexican food, you can take a casual poll from the people you’ve invited. Consult with your guests on the amount and type of food they want for your event. Randomly enquire from different guests and settle on options that most people suggest.

3.) Choose a Date and Time

Select an appropriate date and time to rent the food truck as it saves on costs. Last-minute booking is expensive and prevents you from doing proper research on taco trucks offering affordable prices.

Select a day for your event a month earlier to have enough time to evaluate different trucks and settle on the best. If you can, host your event on a weekday when food trucks are more affordable. Weekends tend to be busy, raising competitive reservation pricing. 

4.) Contact Different Taco Trucks

Contact different taco truck catering companies and ask any questions you may have. This can help you choose one that aligns with your needs and budget. Below are some things you should ask about each taco truck:

Cost of Renting the Truck

Confirm the catering costs of different trucks and compare their prices. Settle on an affordable option as it helps you save some money. The taco truck you plan to work with should not exceed your budget.

Different taco trucks have varying policies that impact how much you spend. Some have minimum spending policies that dictate the lowest amount you can spend if you hire the truck. Select a truck whose minimum price is in line with your plan.

Familiarity With State Event Regulations

If you’re worried about legalities, evaluate if the taco truck’s management is familiar with your state’s event regulations. Settle on a taco truck with managers that understand the necessary permits, licenses, insurance, and safety regulations required by your state government.

Select trucks that have experience catering to many events, such as your state’s fairs, sports games, parties, weddings, and festivals. They have experience working with the local government and getting the necessary permits.

Food Options Provided

Ask different taco trucks about the food options they offer. Most taco trucks offer classic Mexican food options, such as tacos, burritos, and churros. Choose the food truck with various options so your guests can have a great time trying out different cuisines or treats.

Some of your guests may be vegetarian. If this is the case, book a taco truck with various options for each of your guests’ dietary preferences.

5.) Pay a Deposit for Taco Truck Catering

When you book the taco truck and pay the initial deposit, make sure to get a receipt. Taco trucks require you to pay a deposit as proof of scheduling commitment. This allows them to start preparations for the day and arrive at the venue at the agreed time.

Some taco trucks may require you to pay half the budget as a deposit, while others may require a small fee. The rest of the payment is typically made on the event day.

Find a Taco Truck to Cater Your Event

If you plan to host an event, you should consider taco truck catering. It offers a variety of food options at an affordable price.

Check out reviews to identify taco trucks to consider for your event. Select a taco truck with many positive reviews and make sure the management understands your state regulations. Ask about the truck’s food options and organize the necessary food options based on your guests. Finalize the booking by paying a deposit, as it proves your commitment to hiring the truck. Lastly, enjoy the best catering with the best authentic food!