What kind of bag do you carry with you throughout the day? If you’re using a backpack or a small bag, you might want to consider switching to a tote.

Tote bags have been around for a while, but don’t worry – they don’t all look like grocery store bags. Today’s totes are getting more stylish than ever. If you don’t have a tote bag for daily use, here’s why you need one.

1. Totes can be stylish

When you hear the word ‘tote,’ do you automatically picture those thin, foldable totes you bring to the grocery store to avoid paying for plastic bags? While those are certainly a type of tote, they’re not the only style around.

There’s no denying that grocery store totes aren’t the kind of bags you want to carry around for everyday use. Totes can be quite stylish, especially leather totes. With leather, it’s easy to find a tote that will match every outfit, and they’re affordable enough that you can buy a few different colors just to be sure.

Other totes, like the ones made of canvas, can be great for special occasions or matched with specific outfits. Canvas totes come in a variety of prints and patterns, and you can even get them custom made.

2. You need plenty of room in your bag

When you need to carry things around during the day, a tote will be ideal. You just can’t fit a lot of items into a purse or even a small bag. Forget about backpacks because even when they’re big enough, they’re difficult to access.

Totes do tend to be quite large inside. If you’re worried about not being able to find things easily and having to shove your hand around just to find a pen, there are ways to keep your tote organized. For instance, you can get a tote insert online for around $20. These inserts have compartments in the middle and pockets and pouches on the outside.

Tote inserts are perfect for stashing your makeup, pens, phone, checkbook, and wallet in the same place every time so you always know where to find your stuff.

3. Totes are durable

When you buy a high-quality tote, chances are, you’ll only need to replace it when you’ve outgrown the style. Good quality totes are durable and are designed to last.

Some of the most durable totes on the market are made from high-quality leather and strong canvas. These materials will last longer than plastic and even pleather.

While many companies produce durable totes, not all do, so make sure you know what type of material a tote is made from before making a purchase.

4. You need to carry items for your baby

Totes can be just as useful as they are fashionable. For instance, when you need to carry items for your baby, your tote can double as a makeshift diaper bag. It’s not going to work in all situations, but if you just need to run to the store, you won’t need to carry your tote and your diaper bag. 

Just put a few necessary supplies in a plastic grocery bag and stash it in your tote for emergencies.

5. Totes double as shopping bags

These days, it seems like every store has either banned plastic bags or is in the process of banning plastic bags. To be fair, it’s generally only the single-use plastic bags that are banned. You can often buy a sturdy plastic bag for a dime. However, that will get expensive really fast.

If you’re on a major trip to the grocery store, by all means, load up your car with a bunch of grocery totes. However, if you just need to get a few things, you won’t need to remember your bags when you already carry a tote bag. This is perfect for those last-minute trips when you don’t have time to stop at home to get a reusable bag.

If you buy anything that needs to be contained in plastic, like meat, just put it in a produce bag and you won’t have to worry about anything spilling inside your tote.

Try a tote, you won’t go back

There are so many reasons to start using a tote. If you’ve never had one before, you’ll be amazed at how much easier it will make your life. With a tote, you’ll have a bag you can take anywhere, and you won’t have to leave important things behind.