Wishing someone is one of the regular and important parts of our life. It affects our mood positively. It shows the care and affection we have for the person. According to the research, wishing others boosts our welfare. It is proven that wishes have their benefits both emotionally and physically. It develops a sense of togetherness with the person we wish. Even if we make simple wishes to someone like “Have a good day” or “We wish you good luck for your future” makes us happy.

Wishes are nothing but our feelings intertwined with meaningful and kind words. And everyone is eager to hear the generous words from our side. It defines the beauty of the relationship we share.

As far as I am concerned, well-wishers are always welcomed. Whether the close ones are in pain or having a bad day, our condolence wishes might make them feel better. It gives us hope that anything bad like anxiety, stress and sadness can be dealt with. It is even proven that wishes help to overcome illnesses and are successful in putting smiles on thousands of faces. Wishes are the perfect examples of the power of words. It can change someone’s life.

If our friends, relatives or close ones are sharing their happiest moments with us, their celebration would be incomplete without our congratulatory wishes. Wishing someone might seem a small thing to but it has huge impacts in our lives and on the person we wish. It shows we do care for the person and want to be a part of their life. That’s why we should never fail to gladden anyone with our warm wishes.

When it comes to blessing someone with the wishes, we find it difficult to put the right words together that justifies our feelings for them. We generally don’t know how to put our feelings on paper as there are so many things to express in a few sentences. Here it comes when we rush to the internet and find the best quotes and wishes that best suit the situation. There is an ample number of websites that have birthday wishes, new mom and new dad wishes, farewell wishes, wedding wishes, wedding anniversary wishes for brother, sister, parents, friends and so on.

When a person is too close to us, we try adding a sense of humor without changing the essence of the words in our wishes. This is a more fun way to wish someone yet lovingly awesome. If we want to wish someone in this way, we generally add some mischievousness in our sentences like things relating to their past or the old and awkward habits.

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Wishes are not only meant to be spoken or written on greeting cards. There are various ways to wish someone in a remarkable way. Engraving our thoughtful words on wooden frames, t-shirts and stones might seem pleasing. These wishes might be given as an act of remembrance.