Snowboarding is an extreme winter sport that involves a lot of skill and practice to prevent injury. Over 60,000 snowboarding injuries were treated in American emergency departments in 2002.

If you’re starting out, acquaint yourself with the common beginner snowboarding mistakes so you know not to make them. Keep reading to find five of the most common mistakes so you can hit the slopes sooner (and safer). 

1. Buying Expensive Gear Right Away

It’s exciting to try a new sport. You want to jump right into it, we get it. We recommend hitting the slope a few times before you drop money on expensive gear, though. 

We recommend you rent a snowboard before spending hundreds of dollars on one. Ski resorts offer rentals on skis, boots, and snowboards so you can try them before you buy. 

Renting also allows you to try different types and sizes of snowboards to determine what works best for you.

2. Not Being in Shape

Professional snowboarders might make it look easy, but snowboarding is a very physical and demanding sport. There’s much more involved than gracefully gliding down the slopes. 

Snowboarding requires stamina and works every muscle group in your body. You should have some baseline level of fitness before you strap on a pair of snowboarding boots.

3. Wearing the Wrong Clothes for Snowboarding

Anyone who partakes in a winter sport will tell you how important wearing the right clothing is. Weather, especially weather on the mountains, is very unpredictable so you need to prepare for everything.

Start off with a high-quality base layer to keep you dry. You can imagine how cold it would be to wear a sweat-drenched cotton shirt stuck close to your body all day long. Your base layers should be wool or polyester. 

Mid-layers will help you regulate your temperature on the slopes. Fleece or wool sweaters are great options here. You can add onto them or remove them depending on the weather.

Finally, your outer layers should consist of a windproof and waterproof jacket and pants.

4. Skipping Out on Lessons

You can hit the slopes without having ever stood on a snowboard before but we wouldn’t recommend it. Learning to snowboard is a skill and something that you shouldn’t rush or expect to be a pro at on day one. 

Professional snowboarding lessons will give you an understanding of proper form and technique. Your teacher will show you how to skate (and, no, this isn’t ice skating we’re talking about) and provide feedback on your form.

5. Not Getting Your Leans Right

Leaning is a huge part of snowboarding, allowing you to keep your balance and control your board better.

Many beginner snowboarders lean on their back foot while trying to turn. Leaning back will make controlling your board difficult since you’re not able to push it onto its edge as easily. 

If you catch yourself wanting to lean back while turning, focus on keeping weight on your front foot. 

Avoid the Common Beginner Snowboarding Mistakes

Now that you’re aware of some of the common beginner snowboarding mistakes, you know what you should avoid on the slopes. Approach the sport with patience and you’ll be up on the mountain in no time.

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