Who is the owner of Evergreen shipping? United States citizens are curious to know that.

Evergreen is a privately held company, recently created a headline after people’s search about the owner.

If you are curious and want to know ‘Who Owns Evergreen Shipping?’ then for you, we are going to explore this matter, continue checking the content and find out who the owner is.

Evergreen Company:

Evergreen is a group of companies that are used by Taiwan-based multi-industry company transportation, shipping and other associated service corporates. It arose in 1975 from the diversification of the parent company ‘Evergreen Marine Corporation’ founded in 1968 and has become the fourth-largest intermodal freight transport provider in the world.


•           Evergreen mainly operates the transport and hotel industry.

•           It was founded in 1975.

•           The headquarter is located in Taiwan.

•           It is a private company.

•           Its subsidiaries are Evergreen Marine, UNI Air, EVA Air, Evergreen Aviation Technologies, Evergreen Air Cargo Service, Evergreen Air Service, and Evergreen International.

Who Owns Evergreen Shipping?

We have done our research on this matter and found that Evergreen Shipping’s recent owner is The Hartford.

Who Founded Evergreen Group?

The CEO of this group is Dr. Chang Yung-fa. The CEO who founded this group with the second-hand ship and established the company that is based in Taiwan (East Asian Country) into worldwide air, land, and ocean transportation multi-industry company died on 20th January 2016. According to sources, at the age of 88 years, he died in Taipai.


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