If you visit a furniture market you will most probably find the majority of tables with glass tops. Although there are many options that can be considered as a tabletop for example wood plywood metal ceramics or stone. But still, after many years glass is capturing most of the market of tables. The reason behind this is the benefits which offer as compared to any other material. So following are some reasons which may convince you to choose a glass top table for any purpose.

Effortless maintenance

Nowadays people don’t have time to spend on unnecessary things like cleaning the furniture. People don’t want to spend their time cleaning dining tables but still, they need it. So they prefer a solution that requires minimum time to maintain the surface clean and shiny. This is the reason why they prefer glass furniture. Glass is a material that requires minimum effort to keep it clean. All you need is a wipe off the cloth and you can restore it and you look at your table in a few seconds. Or in case the table top is too dirty then a spray of glass cleaner will be enough. Also, there are some companies that offer easy to clean coating with their table top which makes it, even more, easier and time effective to clean the table top. I think this is the main factor behind the popularity of Glass tables.


Another factor that makes glass table tops so much popular is the availability of glass replacement. Find a glass top very easily anywhere at an effective cost. No matter what size, shape or dimensions your table has. You will be able to find a glass top for it easily. There are many online stores that provide custom cut to size glass tops and they deliver it to your doorstep. You can place an order on their website with a few simple steps. You Can also find used table tops for your glass table from classified sites. On these sites, you will only find used table tops which is a cost effective option however you will not be able to find custom sizes. So buying from classified sites is only feasible when you have a standard dimensions table. You can also get 8 glass table top replacements from your local glass fabricator. This is also a cost effective option to shop for your table top if you have a vehicle to transport it from the store to your home.


As you know that glass is a sturdy material that can bear collision misuse or extreme weather conditions. It is a highly durable material that doesn’t lose its new look. E. It can give a Shiny appearance even after many years. Although glass breaks easily however if there is a lesser risk of strikes or misuse then it is a durable option.


Glass is a cheaper material as compared to metal or wood. You can find glass for 50 to $100 per square meter. So if your table size is too large then it will cost you around $750 however in the case of wood, the same size of table top can cost up to $1500. So glass is a cheaper option that comes with style and elegance which makes it a popular choice for table tops.

These were the few reasons to go for glass table tops as compared to any other material.