Cannabis cultivation may seem like an expensive hobby, but there are plenty of ways to grow pot cheaply. Produce high-quality, budget-friendly weed by incorporating a few simple tips and checking out the cannabis seeds.

Want to learn how to grow marijuana without breaking the bank?

Keep reading to discover the best ways of saving money while cultivating cannabis indoors and outside, Benefits of growing with premium cannabis seeds include.

How to Save Money When Growing Cannabis

Cultivating marijuana doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. Here are some general tips and tricks to help you save cash when growing weed:

Choose the Right Cannabis Seeds

It might be tempting to save some bucks by cultivating any weed seeds you can get your hands on. Start your growing journey on a good note by investing in high-quality marijuana seeds from an established retailer.

Benefits of growing with premium cannabis seeds include:

  • Strong and healthy plants with stable, reliable, and proven genetics
  • Better quality buds with increased potency and flavors
  • Access to different cannabis seeds, including auto, regular, and feminized variants

Autoflower seeds are particularly popular among breeders wanting to learn how to grow good weed on a budget. They have a fast life cycle, flower automatically at a certain age, contain resilient genetics, and fit into small spaces.

Use Every Part of Your Marijuana Plant

How much does a weed plant produce? It’s quite a lot. Apart from the prized buds, cannabis plants also consist of other useful parts.

Take advantage of your crops’ stems and leaves by making tea, butter, lotions, edibles, infused cooking oils, topicals, or other canna-products.

Recycle and Reuse

If you’re planning on growing marijuana for extended periods, it’s worth reusing some of your cultivation tools. Here’s a list of the growing items you can reuse after cleaning:

  • Pots
  • Soil
  • Gardening gloves
  • Pruning shears
  • Hoses

Make use of seed bank discounts

Buying seeds online can get quite expensive, with a 10 pack costing upwards of $100. However, many seed banks offer various promotions ( such as free seeds, coupon codes, and flash sales ) to get customers through the door. You can compare their offers on and use these discounts to lower the cost of the order.

How to Grow Marijuana Indoors on a Budget

Indoor cultivation is typically the most expensive way of growing marijuana. The upside is that it offers more control and higher bud quality. Check out these ways to cut costs when growing cannabis indoors:

Build Your Own Grow Room or Tent

Want to know how to grow weed in a closet cheaply? All you need is an unused cupboard in your home. Cover the inside walls with a reflective material like Mylar film or white plastic to provide better light exposure.

No spare closet? No worries. Consider building your own grow tent with some panda film and PVC piping.

Use the Right Lights

There are dozens of lighting options available, so finding the most affordable yet efficient ones can be challenging. Budget growers typically opt for LED lights—the most cost-effective long-term solution.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Sufficient air circulation is essential for every cannabis plant. Invest in an extractor fan and an oscillating fan to ensure proper ventilation. The latter keeps oxygen moving while the former removes stale air. Fit a carbon filter on your extractor fan to contain any strong smells.

Keep the Temperature Down

The right lights and correct air circulation play a major role in temperature control. Oscillating fans are vital for indoor setups, as they prevent hot air from getting trapped and keep the oxygen flowing. Consider running your grow lights at night if you live in a hot climate.

Select the Right Substrate

Choosing the right medium is crucial for learning how to start growing weed cheaply. Hydroponics has plenty of advantages, but it’s usually pricey and complicated. Aside from being light on your wallet, soil is easy to use and enhances the flavor of your buds.

Incorporate Training Techniques

Low-stress training techniques offer countless benefits, including higher yields, faster harvest times, and reduced costs. The Sea of Green (SOG) method is popular among all types of growers. It includes planting several small crops together to create an even canopy.

How to Grow Weed Outdoors on a Budget

Outdoor cultivation is typically the cheapest way of growing cannabis. Here are some ways to cut costs further when growing marijuana al fresco:

Choose the Right Location

Planting your weed seeds in a favorable location gives them more chances of success. Cannabis crops adore sunlight and balanced conditions. Avoid extreme temperatures, harsh weather, and excessive rainfall. Use pots to make it easier to move your plants inside.

Implement Sustainable Growing Practices

Besides reducing your environmental impact, implementing sustainable growing practices saves you money. Here are some simple tips to help you become an expert on how to grow good weed cheap:

  • Add cannabis companion plants
  • Incorporate proper waste management
  • Start composting
  • Reuse water and soil
  • Opt for organic fertilizers

Opt for Autos or Fast Version Seeds in Tough Climates

Autoflower and fast version seeds are an excellent choice for those with short growing seasons or poor weather conditions. These cannabis varieties tend to have more resilient genetics, allowing them to withstand slightly tougher environments.

The Bottom Line

How much you spend on cultivating cannabis is entirely up to you. Although the quality of your harvest depends on your setup, it’s possible to grow pot cheaply and get top-tier results.

Are you ready to cultivate marijuana without spending a fortune? Incorporate these money-saving tips and produce budget-friendly weed indoors or outside.