There is great joy associated with owning and raising a dog. Not only do you get a furry companion that keeps your house lively, but you will also have a friend for life. Looking after a dog is a full-time job. Like toddlers, dogs are innately curious and energetic. You must invest a significant portion of your time in training and disciplining your pet until you’re sure they can easily stay on their own without destroying your possessions. 

At the same time, dogs also need certain items that can help them adjust to their new surroundings and enable you to take care of them. While you may feel tempted to purchase every object, you see in the pet store, that’s not smart. Dogs have specific needs which require certain things, so without going overboard, here’s what you need:

  1. Stock Up On Hygiene Products

Dogs have thick fur and need your assistance in maintaining their cleanliness. Unlike cats, dogs cannot groom themselves and may end up with matted, muddy coats in no time. You need to make peace that your dog needs regular caretaking regarding their hygiene. To begin with, dogs need to use the bathroom outside. No litter boxes can hold dog poop, so they need an open space. However, once a dog is done pooping, you need to clean it up. The fecal matter is a Petri dish to numerous microorganisms, such as the bacteria E.coli that can make them sick if ingested. If you feel skittish about handling the waste, you can look into services like dog poop pick up to help keep your space clean.

You will also need to purchase grooming equipment, including a thick brush for their undercoat and a thin comb for their glossy fur. 

Furthermore, more than 20% of canines are prone to ear infections; consequently, your dog may get it too. This happens when a buildup of fur, oil, and dead skin accumulates in their ear, causing them to become smelly and infected. In such cases, you’ll need ear drops to alleviate their condition. 

Other hygiene products include nail trimmers and shampoo with conditioner. If you’ve never bathed a dog or cut their nails, let a groomer do it for you since you can injure them accidentally. A groomer can teach you basic care techniques and mind your dog’s fur for ticks; you need to get your dog groomed every four to six weeks.

  1. Get A Crate and Puppy Pads

Crates help you train your dog and give them a sense of security. Think of it as a nest for your dog when they feel overwhelmed in your new home. This will also prevent your furry friend from going on a rampage and destroying your house when you’re not there to watch them. Therefore, you can’t downplay the importance of a crate. When purchasing these cages, make sure they are larger than your dog. 

Your canine will need space to stretch its paws and muzzle without getting stuck between the gaps in the metallic bar. A small crate can be dangerous and cause discomfort to your pet, making them more aggravated. Encourage your dog to sleep in the crate when they’re younger. This teaches them to respect their space and prevents them from acting out when they get sudden bursts of energy. You should also line the crate with comfortable blankets and puppy pads. 

The latter is used to soak up urination because, unlike pooping, dogs can urinate under stress too. In some instances, the canine may need to relieve themselves more than once, and having a puppy pad can take care of that for you. Anytime you step out of your house without a dog, make sure you create them.

  1. A Nutritious Meal and The Right Bowl

Dogs are not entirely carnivorous. While they need meat, food groups like grains, fruits, and vegetables also need to be a part of their diet. You need to purchase high-quality dog food for your furry friend. These kibbles have all the essential nutrients your animal will need to aid their digestion and keep them healthy. Although you can attempt to make dog food at home, you must be vigilant and speak to a vet before attempting this process. Your preparation technique and ingredients must have all the essential nutrients, or you may feed your empty pet calories. These include vitamins for their joints and protein for their skin. 

Don’t forget to keep treats around the house in the form of store-bought dog biscuits. Treats help you establish positive reinforcement in your pet and teach them the kind of behavior you expect them to have. When you purchase their bowl, go for a stainless steel one. These are easy to clean and can hold up to a liter of food and water. 

Most dogs need more than 40 ml of water, and a regular 50 lbs canine needs 2 cups of food. So depending on the size of your animal, get a bowl that fits their needs. It needs to have enough room so that they can stick their muzzles and lap up their meal. Stainless steel is also safe for the dishwasher and doesn’t leave behind odors. The rubber base provides suction and prevents the dish from slipping from under the dog.

  1. Collar Them Up

Dogs need collars to help them carry their details, including vaccination status. It also helps dog pounds differentiate between strays and pets, which prevents them from getting captured accidentally. Your dog also needs a collar, as you must leash them up when you go out. These help you maintain a firm grip on your animal as you walk and stop them from attacking a passerby or a small animal. Dogs can get aggressive in no time, but with a collar and a leash, you can keep them in check. 

Most leashes need to be six feet long and sturdy so they are not easily broken. If you have a large dog who tends to tug on its leash, you may need to get a harness for them. Excessively pulling their collars can injure a dog’s neck and choke them. A harness goes around the chest and back, which are safe zones, and don’t get wounded if your dog decides to pull on their leash. Smaller dogs may also prefer a harness since the confined vest makes them feel safer.

Final Thoughts

Bringing a dog home is like welcoming a new family member. To make your canine feel more at home, you must prepare space for your furry friends. You need to invest in certain products to provide the best care for your dog. These include purchasing quality shampoos, brushes, nail trimmers, and medication for their ear. Don’t forget to clean up after your dog and make sure they visit a groomer. Dogs need time to get used to living indoors. 

Therefore, the best way to teach them to watch their behavior is by putting them in a crate and ensuring they have what they need inside. Furthermore, your list of items needs to include nutritious meals, an easy-to-clean bowl, and a collar that fits nicely around their neck.