The online gambling industry is one of the most popular forms of online entertainment nowadays that over millions of people are getting immersed in it every day. There are thousands of money flying back and forth in online gambling, from popular games to even the simplest casino games. 

While most of the online casino games like blackjack or slots you can find on the internet today are fun to play and legit, there are also some bad seeds that you can find out there that will steal your money the moment they get the chance. One of the most prominent ones is online casino scams. With the closure of most casinos back when the pandemic started, many online casinos have surfaced, including scams. 

But as mentioned earlier, they are thankfully in the minority, and they can be hard to find even if you mean it. However, this doesn’t mean that you should be complacent when finding out if your online casino is legit and if it is running any sorts of scams. So, if you haven’t heard of online casino scams, let me educate you about scams. Here are some common online casino scams you should be aware of.

Deposit Theft

This is one of the most popular scams that scammers use against online casino players. Most illegal online scams have this as their endgame. It’s quick and easy, like a blitz, and if you’re not careful enough, they can take away all your deposits in a blink of an eye. So what is deposit theft? As the name suggests, the illegal online casino will entice you to deposit by advertising how fun their online casino is that it makes you want to play.

Imagine you want to register in an online casino because you want to play baccarat or casino slots. You sign up, register, and make a deposit. And just like that, you won’t be able to withdraw your money anymore. 

Of course, you can make a plea by sending them an email, phoning down their contact number, or anything, but they will only put you through endless hoops of false hope of getting back your money. You’re even lucky if you manage to talk to one of their staff as most of them don’t even try to talk to you at this point. After all, they got your money already, so there’s no point in talking to you anymore.

Some more sinister online casinos will even lure you into making another deposit by telling you that, for some reason, they can’t withdraw your money without making another deposit because of some technical problems. It’s a reach, but some people fall for it, unfortunately.

No Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of a business since this is how their customers can reach them whenever they have questions or problems. The lack of customer service in an online casino is one of the telltale signs that they are running a scam. If you have been duped, scammed, or unable to withdraw money, customer service is the first thing that a person normally reaches out to. 

Usually, the email address and the contact number are false when it comes to illegal online casinos. If you think the whole thing is legit, but you see that the customer service is non-existent or the contact email address and phone number are false, then there’s a good chance that the whole thing itself is a scam.


This is probably the scummiest because not only will it try to steal your money, but it will also take your files hostage, and worst of all, it’s very annoying. Imagine yourself logging into a casino, using your credit card information to make a deposit, and all of a sudden, your phone locks or your desktop turns black. 

You tap some buttons to no avail, but then seconds later, an annoying pop-up with blasting sounds goes into the screen and says that your files are at their mercy and if you don’t send them money, they will be deleted forever. You laugh, sit back, and try to exit the pop-up, but the x button doesn’t exist. That, my friend, is ransomware. Even if you try to get the help of a computer analyst, the only thing they’ll tell you is that there’s nothing you can do. 

That is to say that if you are already seeing this pop-up, then there’s nothing you can do. If you think this is science fiction, then no, it’s not. Thousands of people have already fallen prey to this sort of scam. So if you go to the online casino reviews and see that at least one user is saying that they’re running a ransomware scam, don’t take your chances.

Final Words

Even though online casino scams are quite rare, they still exist. This means that you shouldn’t be complacent when checking the online casino’s legitimacy you’re frequenting. After all, better safe than sorry.