People all over the world and also the Philippines need to know in the point of view of eminent futurologists regarding drastic changes that will happen later on. Are you currently certainly one of individuals who isn’t only thinking about science and friction? Then, website is an ideal spot to spend your time.

The work was produced by Kaspersky, which aims to produce and safeguard infrastructure and supply solutions which are needed later on in 2050.Earth Philippines.


Like every other positive company, Kaspersky needs a glimps for the future to organize its future projects. So, Kaspersky began a task –, where scientists and futurologists share their opinion by what changes the planet goes through later on till around 2050. Additionally, it welcomes views from reputed bloggers and online users concerning the global changes. Kaspersky will consider such predictions to construct infrastructure and solutions for any safer future.

Exactly what does contains?

It has a roadmap showing changes to physical locations from 2030 till 2050 and beyond in 2050.Earth Philippines. It includes write-ups of 40 to under 100 words with animated images of future bots, equipment and technology etc., explaining what changes they convey. The web site includes a conjecture section where small write-ups of 300 to greater than 500 words exist concerning the future. Next, you will find a feedback page where one can publish your comments. The ‘About’ section gives details about Kaspersky and also the website’s aim and including FAQs.

The web site is smartly designed, with related articles appearing around the page. Additionally, you receive the choice to love (or) dislike write-ups.

Interesting predictions on 2050.Earth Philippines:

Presently, the web site has predictions in the near 2030s and 2040s and less predictions concerning the 2050 era.

1.Finish of smartphones

2.No work, all play

3.Body immorality

4.Underwater metropolitan areas

5.Space hotels

6.Poverty defeated

7.3D printed vehicles

8.Superfast internet available to everybody via StarLink an Elon Musk’s innovation

9.Artificial Intelligence Mentors

10.Comprehensive data availability for crime, disease, poverty and ignorance.

11.Cloned human organs, etc.


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The web site is suggested for skilled and careful users as we have an average trust score. People can publish their anticipation concerning the future as well as read expert’s views. 2050.Earth Philippines is serving just like a wiki for the future. People can locate their metropolitan areas and appearance the alterations into the spotlight. Hopefully it will likely be helpful for any better future.