When people get ill, or if they are suffering from chronic disorder, many of them reach for some sort of over-the-counter medication, or their doctor may prescribe them some type of drug. The problem with traditional medication is that they all have some sort of risk associated with them. They all have side effects, and some may have adverse reactions if used with other meds or even herbal supplements. They also only cover up symptoms rather than fix the cause of the problem. 

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional medication, you may want to check out Brillia medication reviews. This company has a variety of natural medications that do not require a prescription and are beneficial over other drugs. 

Natural Ingredients

Natural is always better, as it works with your body’s systems. Traditional medication is made in a lab, and some of the ingredients are not good for people. The formulations of Brillia’s products are made with antibodies and homeopathic ingredients. This means that they are safe to use, and your body will be better off in the long run after taking them.

Supports the Body’s Immune System

While traditional medication only suppresses symptoms, Brillia products contain ingredients that actually work with your body’s immune system to fight off viruses. Some of the active ingredients also target molecules, such as histamine, that increase inflammation in the body. By boosting the immune response and killing off symptom-causing molecules, this typically means that the duration of your illness will be shorter than it would be if you took medication. 

No Side Effects

One of the biggest reasons to avoid traditional medication is that they all contain side effects, and some of them are serious. For example, one of the side effects listed for antidepressants is suicide. Isn’t that exactly what the medication is supposed to prevent? Some of the common ADHD side effects include moodiness, sleep issues, headaches, and decreased appetite. In contrast, Brillia’s homeopathic ADHD medication results in better focus and less hyperactivity, stress, anxiety, and irritability, but without any side effects.

Traditional flu and cold medication often have side effects such as drowsiness, which means they should not be taken if you are going to drive. Brillia flu and cold medication does not cause drowsiness, nor does it have any additional side effects, so it can be taken anytime. 


Some medication, especially prescriptions, can be quite pricey, especially if someone does not have good health insurance. Brillia’s products are designed to be affordable, which means you do not have to sacrifice finances to feel better. 

Because the homeopathic medications are not expensive, this indirectly contributes to better health. When you understand why mindfulness helps with relaxation, you can see how having less stress is beneficial. When adults and children have less anxiety, not only is their mental health better, but so is their physical health. Ironically, just by knowing the benefits of Brillia’s homeopathic products may mean that you will be sick less often because your stress levels are lower.