Are you aware of whom Tia Booth really is? Have you heard about the split between Tia Booth, and Cory Cooper back in 2019? Tia Booth is part in the franchise known as the bachelor. The people of Canada, United States are eager to find out who Tia Booth dating? This is why, in this post, we’ll examine more about her life. Let’s start.

Who is Tia Booth?

Tia was born on August 11, 1991 , in Weiner, Arkansas; Tia is currently a thirty-year old Physical Therapist. Tia completed her studies at Arkansas State University. The alumna is 1.2 million Instagram followers Instagram and was a part of the bachelor franchise in the year 2018.

Tia Rachel Booth stands 5’6” tall with a slim physique. She has the owl tattoo on her triceps and biceps, peace on her right foot, and Mama Papa and Mama Papa are on the left. Also, she has an Patience tattooed on her wrist. Who is Tia Booth Dating? ;we will look into her relationship with a man and then continue reading.

More information about Tia Booth’s life:

She is very active on Instagram and has posted a number of pictures, and getting attention from her people who follow her. She is fashionable and charming, confident as well as a self-made lady. She first made her debut on the season 22 of The Bachelor in which Booth was eliminated in week six.

Then she was on Bachelor in Paradise and was again eliminated in week 4. She made her return on the Bachelor series in season 7. that premiered in August 2021. Are you eager to find out who Tia Booth dating ?

About her prior date:

Season 5 was the last season in which Tia was involved in a romance to the co-participant Sotton Underwood, however the couple broke up. She also had the relationship of Sory Soorer in the year 2019, however, Tia split with him after a year. Tia announced on Instagram about her breakup and wrote, “I am fine, he is fine, we are better as a friend.”

The romance with Tia Booth and Arron Clancy was the talking point when Clancy expressed his feelings toward her. She never confirmed any connection to Arron.

Who Is Tia Booth Dating?

We now know about her past date and her relationships. There’s a rumor floating around the media regarding Tia Booth being with someone. She’s seeking the perfect friend, lifetime dedication, and joy in her partner in life.

Presently, she’s in a relationship with Taylor Mock and announced her relationship in the month of October 2021. She’s announced their relationship in an Instagram video of the two on Instagram. It appears to have taken more than one month now since their relationship was first revealed.


Booth is a fervent young woman in The Bachelor franchise. Tia Booth along with Arron abruptly split during The Paradise season finale, and it came as not a surprise to fans. In our short review of who Tia Booth dating Now you know she’s not dating anymore. In addition, Bachelorette season 18 will start airing on the show on the 14th of April.