How to learn to touch the girl you like? If you plan on meeting ukrainian brides you are going to find this useful. It’s hard to know when to start and when you’ve already gone too far. If you have found a girl that you like and the attraction is mutual, you need to overcome this barrier and then find clever ways to touch her as often as possible. How to touch a girl without sending her the wrong signals? Read and find out. And don’t forget to check out these ukrainian dating websites .

Make sure the girl likes your touch

Before you start artfully planning how to touch a girl, make sure your flirtations are appropriate. If a girl likes you, then she will stand closer to you, will not be nervous if you accidentally bump into her, and will generally show that she likes your company. Does she make eye contact? Does she smile, laugh and have fun? If so, you are on the right track. Here are a few other ways to understand that she wants you to touch her.


While group sex is grossly overrated, neck kissing is grossly underrated. This is one of the most common erogenous zones. Moreover, many girls love it not only when they are kissed on the neck, but also when they are bitten or held tightly during a smooch. Be sure to approach the girl from behind at least once, hug her around the waist and smooch her neck. If you feel she likes it, don’t stop – at some point, lightly pull the girl’s hair (she should feel that you are holding it but not feel any pain, be careful) and try to bite (again, in an extremely light and playful way). If the neck is her erogenous zone, the effect will be stunning.


You can check how much your girlfriend likes touching the inside of her wrist anywhere and anytime. We even insist that you use the surprise effect. For example, when you’re at the cinema, take her hand and smooch her gently on the inside of her wrist just above the crease of her wrist. Or, while barely touching her, run your fingers over this place. This is not such an intimate gesture, but if you see her smile or hear her breath hitch, be sure to use it periodically. This will show how closely you follow her body language.

Lower back

This is a very inaccessible and tender place that you can forget about at the outset of your relationship. However, you should know that many girls get insanely turned on by kisses on the lower back, especially in the tailbone area, just above the buttocks. So, try any means: from putting your hand on her lower back during a social event to running your tongue over it when you get horizontal. And a little slap on the ass is also advised.


You probably think that this is the least sexy part of the body. And you would hardly come up with the idea to please a girl using her ears for this. That’s very bad! Next time, be sure to move from kissing on the lips to the neck and ears. Kiss, run your tongue, pull her earlobe with your lips and, of course, whisper how much you want her.