Prom days signify celebration. It’s a time to celebrate your friendship and reminisce on the good school days with your friends. These days, prom has moved from a mere high school dance to an event where everyone displays their fashion.

Aside from rocking a D&G suit or gown, rolling in an exotic ride will surely turn heads. However, not every student comes from a wealthy family where they own a Lamborghini or Ferrari. But hold on, did you know that if you have a few thousand dollars, you can hire a luxury car for the night?

Well, if you’re new to exotic car rental businesses, you are in the right place. In this guide, we discuss all about renting luxury cars. The article also covers factors to consider when hiring an exotic car.

Price and Extra Services

If you have a prom date, then a nice car will surely add a few points to your romance and chivalry ratings. There are various cars that you can rent out for the night depending on your budget. You can also add a private chauffeur service so that you and your beau can spend some quality time together.

The private chauffeur services rate ranges depending on the type of car. A Range Rover chauffeur service will cost less than one for a Lamborghini. So, keep that in mind. The more classic vehicle, the higher the cost of hiring a private chauffeur.

 Type of Car

Nowadays, there are plenty of exotic rides available for hire. Back in the day, people had to juggle between the Limousine and different models of the Mercedes. However, these days, you can hire anything from a Lamborghini Urus to a Mini-Cooper.

If you’re interested in the types of cars available, see this site and find your best. You can also hire a car for a photo shoot. This can be a good option if you’re short on cash.

You can also choose between four-door and two-door SUVs. If you’re riding along with your partner, a two-passenger ride is the best option. You can also opt to choose sports cars such as the Porsche 911 or the McLaren 720S.

The hiring rate changes depending on the car model. For instance, hiring a Lamborghini can cost you close to $2,500 USD. On the other hand, a Mini-Cooper will cost you less than $500 USD for the night.

Plan Your Budget

If you’re tight on cash, you can still join another couple and hire an SUV. Make sure that you read all the terms and conditions before you sign the lease agreement. Keep in mind that most car hire businesses will fine you if you exceed the time or cover more than the agreed-upon mileage.

Also, visit different car rental shops to get a feel of the price range. Window shopping can help you locate cheaper rates or better discounts. As mentioned earlier, you can also hire a car for a video or photoshoot only. The rates will be slightly more affordable, and you will still get to enjoy the day.