Signing up for a food delivery service can be a great way to help your home run more smoothly in terms of meal planning and preparation. Before signing up, use the following tips to make sure the new service will deliver for you in every way.

Free From, Vegan, and Veggie Options

If you require, for example, gluten-free food items or other allergen-friendly options, then it’s a good idea to check the range that the delivery service offers with this in mind. Have a look at whether there is a wide selection of items and, if relevant, their availability. If you’re considering a company that supplies meal kits, check the number of free from meal choices available and how often the ranges rotate.

An increasing number of companies are now offering an ever-widening range of allergy and intolerance-friendly options, with new items frequently becoming available, and some delivery services specifically cater to the free-from market. 

If you follow a Vegan or Vegetarian diet, then satisfying yourself about the range of these types of meals should also form an essential part of considering which food service to use.

Think About Meal Planning

A food delivery service can offer an opportunity to make meal planning work for you. Meal planning can save you a significant amount of money by ensuring that there are much fewer leftovers, as well as saving the hassle of the evening scramble, after a busy day, of deciding on what to prepare. 

Meal planning often results in healthier eating, too, as you are cooking with a greater awareness of the ingredients you are using, rather than grabbing whatever comes most readily to hand from the fridge. Read the full article for further ways that planning out a weekly menu can benefit you and the things you should bear in mind, and the equipment you’ll need to make a successful plan.

A meal kit delivery service could be the perfect option to get started for those wanting to try using a meal plan: these kits give you the convenience of having all of the required ingredients pre portioned, delivered to your home, along with easy to follow instructions to prepare each meal. 

Budgetary Considerations

When choosing a food delivery service, the cost is an important consideration; there can be a significant difference in the charges and delivery costs associated with different providers. Some services have introductory offers for new customers, and taking advantage of these can be a useful way to ascertain if the service is one that will suit your needs.

If you’re considering a meal kit delivery service, most will have clear per portion costs for each kit so that you can easily budget based on your preferences and requirements. 

Eco Credentials

If environmental considerations are important to you, then bear this in mind when choosing a new service, too. Look for sustainable options when it comes to food packaging and the offer of eco delivery slots and services that have an overall low carbon footprint. Some companies will take back used bags and packaging for recycling, too. You may also want to look at the availability of locally sourced food and seasonal meals and product ranges with this in mind, as well as sustainably caught fish, grass-fed and free-range meat, and organic options


Speed of Prep

If you’ve decided to use a meal plan, the next thing to consider is where you’ll make your meals, for which you should hire a commissary kitchen in Austin, either by buying the ingredients individually or by ordering the delivery of meal kits, then pay careful attention to the length of time you’ll need to prepare each meal and the length of the cooking time too, to best plan your evening and schedule meals on the best days. Consider this in terms of your availability to prep or days when you need to have finished eating early to make it out the door for another commitment. Most meal kit services will give you an indication of the prep and cooking times for each dish on the ordering pages of their websites.

Eating Healthily

Look out for a wide range of healthy eating options if this is relevant to you. When it comes to choosing a food delivery service that offers ready meals or meal kits, please take into account the portion sizes and their calorific content. You may also want to pay attention to the prevalence of processed foods in the ingredients or whether low-carb or low salt options, for example, are available.

Some providers will cater specifically to those wishing to follow a calorie-controlled or low-fat diet, while others may provide meals specifically tailored to those with diabetes or those wishing to pursue a ‘clean’ diet.

Ability to Tailor Your Service

You may want to make sure that you choose a food delivery service that allows you to tailor your meals if you want to order regular meal kits and would like the option to remove certain ingredients you don’t like (or add extra of what you do!).

Finding the Perfect Service For You

There are many options available when choosing which food delivery service to sign up to. Use the tips above to determine the perfect choice for you to simplify your evenings and make planning the meals as delicious as eating them!