Thickened cream, also known as heavy or whipping cream, is a versatile ingredient with many different purposes in the kitchen. Whether you want to add richness and flavour to your recipes or make delicious desserts and sauces, thickened cream can be valuable to any cooking or baking project. This article will discuss the various culinary uses of thickened cream, including how it can be used as an emulsifier, thickener, and flavouring agent. We will also explore tips for working with thickened cream to get the most out of this versatile ingredient in your culinary creations.


Thickened cream is often used as an emulsifier in recipes that require combining ingredients that are typically difficult to mix, such as oil and water. Adding a small amount of thickened cream to the mixture can help bind these ingredients together and keep them from separating, resulting in a smooth and creamy texture.


Thickened cream is also used to thicken sauces and soups by adding creaminess and richness. You can add it at the end of cooking or mix it directly into the sauce to achieve the desired consistency.


In addition to its emulsifying and thickening properties, thickened cream is commonly used as a flavouring agent for sweet and savoury dishes. Whether you want to make homemade ice cream or add an extra layer of flavour to soups, sauces, and desserts, thickened cream can help add richness and depth to your cooking.

Tips for working with thickened cream

Use cold thickened cream to ensure that it stays stable

Thickened cream will often separate when mixed with hot ingredients, so it is best to use cold thickened cream for recipes that require an emulsifier. It can help ensure that your ingredients stay combined and don’t separate over time.

Use a hand mixer or stand mixer to make the creamiest results

Using thickened cream as a thickener or flavouring agent requires a hand mixer or stand mixer to achieve the creamy and smooth final texture. These tools will help you avoid clumps in your recipe and create a beautifully smooth finish.

Add a small amount of thickened cream at a time

When working with thickened cream, it is essential to add the ingredient in small amounts and mix well after each addition. It will help ensure you avoid over-mixing and getting clumpy results, which can sometimes happen when using thicker ingredients like this one.

Store thickened cream in the refrigerator

To keep your thickened cream fresh and full of flavour, store it in the refrigerator between uses. It can help prevent unwanted separation and ensure that you get the best results from this versatile ingredient in your cooking and baking projects.

Use thickened cream whenever you need a rich, creamy texture

Whether making a sauce or dessert, thickened cream can be an excellent ingredient to ensure that your recipe has the richness and flavour it needs. Keep this versatile ingredient in your kitchen for all your cooking and baking needs.

Benefits of thickened cream over other types

It has a rich, creamy texture

Thickened cream is known for its luxurious and decadent texture, which can help add an extra layer of richness and flavour to your cooking. It stands out from other ingredients like milk or butter, which may not have the same velvety finish.

It retains its flavour well over time

Unlike other ingredients that can lose their flavour or texture over time, thickened cream has a long shelf life and retains its rich, creamy taste and consistency for many months. It makes it an excellent choice for busy home cooks who want to enjoy great results in their cooking without having to worry about replacing ingredients regularly.

It is easy to find and quite affordable

Thickened cream is readily available at most grocery and kitchen supply stores, making it a convenient choice for many home cooks. And as one of the more inexpensive ingredients on the market, it can be a great budget-friendly alternative to some of the pricier cooking ingredients often used in high-end recipes. Click here to get thickened cream from nangs Melbourne.

It can be customised to suit different needs

Thickened cream is also highly customisable, as it is available in various fat and non-fat varieties. You can choose the thickened cream that fits your culinary needs most closely, whether you need a rich and decadent flavour or just a small amount for flavouring.

What could go wrong?

It could separate

If you are using a cream that is separated or whipped already, this can cause unwanted clumps in your recipe. Be sure to thoroughly mix your ingredients before adding them to ensure the best results.

It might not be suitable for all recipes

As some thicker ingredients can sometimes have different cooking properties than others, it is essential to research what recipes work best with thickened cream before incorporating it into your cooking. It can be an excellent choice for desserts and sauces that require a rich, creamy texture. But other recipes like baked goods or savoury dishes may work better with a different type of ingredient.