Research shows that people are spending more time outdoors these days. Many spend that time on their own property rather than venturing out to parks and other outdoor recreation areas. Because of this growing trend, people are spending more money on exterior home improvements. From expanding their decks and having pools installed to building patios and adding exterior lighting to the mix, they’re going out of their way to make these spaces more comfortable and useful. Of course, outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular as well.

Planning an Outdoor Kitchen Around Your Needs

If you’re daydreaming about an outdoor kitchen, the possibilities are endless. Budget and space are the only real limitations. In truth, all you need to enhance an outdoor cooking space are a nice propane or charcoal grill and a sturdy work surface. With so many available options for your outdoor kitchen, why stop there? If the extra funds and square footage are there for the taking, don’t be afraid to go bigger and better.

Taking Your Outdoor Kitchen to the Next Level

Counter space and a grill are must-haves for an outdoor kitchen, but there’s no reason not to branch out from there. Having a sink installed will eliminate much of the need to trek back and forth for water, and an under-sink water heater provides added functionality without bumping up the cost too much. Putting in a refrigerator also makes an outdoor kitchen more functional. You can store perishable foods in the outdoor cooking area rather than making multiple trips to the indoor kitchen for what you need. Having cold drinks on hand is a definite bonus as well. Those features barely scratch the surface. Below are a few options to consider for your outdoor kitchen.

  • Wood-Fired Oven. Not very long ago, adding a wood-fired oven to an outdoor kitchen was a luxury few could afford. Today, these built-in accessories are far more accessible. They’re available in kits, or you can go with a custom design. Either way, a wood-fired oven will greatly expand your cooking horizons.
  • Kamado Cooker. Kamado cookers, like the Big Green Egg or the Coyote Asado, are gaining ground as well. They allow users to take advantage of multiple cooking methods, including grilling, baking, and roasting. They’re versatile, and they can make a great addition to any outdoor kitchen. You can also look for Napoleon grillar till bra pris.
  • Stove. If a kamado cooker isn’t really your cup of tea, you could opt for a full-blown cooktop and oven. Outdoor ranges are built to withstand the elements, and they give you plenty of cooking flexibility.
  • Dishwasher. Quite a few homeowners might say that adding a dishwasher to an outdoor kitchen is over the top. These appliances certainly make cleanup faster and simpler, though. Again, if you have the extra money and space, why not go for it?

Those are only a few of the options at homeowners’ disposal. You can have an outdoor kitchen covered, add a dining area, and expand the space for relaxation as well. Keep in mind that counter space and storage are crucial for an outdoor kitchen. The more features you add to the space, the more storage you’re likely to need. Also, remember that the layout and design of the kitchen should be considered carefully.

Bringing Your Outdoor Kitchen to Life

Outdoor kitchens can greatly enhance the functionality of outdoor spaces and boost property values. Numerous appliances and features are available for these spaces, so they can be customized in endless ways. While there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the basics, there’s also no harm in branching out and taking full advantage of all the possibilities now available.