Wearing the N95 black Mask protects you from COVID-19 and its variants. However, the Mask is only effective if you properly use it. You must ensure that it fully covers your nose and mouth for it to work. Leaving spaces on the edges only allows a pathway for viruses to get through, rendering the Mask ineffective.

Safe way to wear the N95 Mask

Follow these steps for safely putting on the N95 Mask:

  1. Clean your hands with soap and running water before touching the Mask. You can also use a sanitizer.
  2. Take your Mask and analyze it, watching for any signs of holes or tears. Even though the KN95 Mask has more layers, that does not mean it cannot tear. Thus, you need to reconfirm it is in a good state before putting it on.
  3. Hold the Mask in the palm of your hands with the side that covers your nose and mouth facing up. The nose piece should be at your fingertips. For a mask that does not have a nose piece bar, use the text written on it as a guide for which side is the top end.
  4. Position the Mask on your chin with the nose piece bar going to the top.
  5. Pull the top strap over your head and place it closer to the crown while holding the Mask in position. Similarly, pull the bottom strap over the head and have it rest at the back of your neck just after the ears. The straps must not crisscross or twist.
  6. Press down either side of the nose piece to take the shape of your nose.
  7. Confirm that there are no gaps at the edges. Do this by gently covering the N95 Mask made in USA with your hands and breathing in and out. If there are any air leakages at the edges, the Mask has spaces, and you need to re-adjust it. If not, you have worn your Mask properly.

You may be using the wrong size mask if you notice that it does not fit tightly. Get a different size but ensure you are comfortable in it. Even if an N95 mask may not fully seal your nose and mouth, it has better protection than a cloth mask. Do not leave any gaps when putting on your N95 respirator.

How to remove the Mask?

Removing your KN95 mask black is as important as putting it on.

  1. Clean your hands with soap and water, or hand sanitizer before touching the Mask.
  2. Since the front side of the Mask is contaminated, only touch the straps.
  3. Pull the top strap over your head, followed by the second strap. Only handle the Mask using the straps and store it in a paper bag or dispose of it, depending on your situation.

When storing the N95 Mask for reuse, ensure it stays for more than 72 hours before the next use. That’s because coronavirus has an expected survival rate of 72 hours. Assuming the virus is trapped within the mask layers, it would get inactivated after about three to five days.