Cranes are present in construction sites all over the world and it is considered an integral piece of equipment to lift weights. A variety of cranes are used in a construction site ranging from overhead to mobile cranes. Since buying several cranes is not a practical solution, companies often lean towards crane hire in Dubai. Renting a crane allows them more flexibility, and they will pay for the time they used the cranes for. One crane might not be able to perform all the functions a company requires. Thus, they will need a variety of cranes for their purposes. Having a crawler mounted rotary drills is a good option for companies. However, crane rental companies offer a range of solutions to choose from, and you will get an array of cranes to browse and choose from. Since you will be renting these cranes from a partner, you will only pay the rental amount. Finding the right crane from a trusted rental partner will be simple. Some of the most notable cranes every company provides include: 

The over-braced jib crane can be fixed to an existing concrete floor using a square base plate, a foundation using cast-in anchor bolts, or a column using wall brackets.

Bridge Cranes 

Bridge cranes are overhead cranes that are classified into single girder and double girder cranes. These cranes are the largest of all types. Primarily used for loading, unloading, and handling heavy material, this type of crane can be readily available at every crane rental in Dubai. The hoist attached to bridge cranes can move upward, downward, and sideways allowing the construction workers to move heavy objects in any direction. The cranes span between two runway beams and are considered an ideal solution in construction sites. 

Monorail Cranes 

Monorail cranes offer a range of functions and come in handy in manufacturing plants and factories. Unlike other cranes, these are not dependent on a bridge or a girder, they are connected to an l-beam. They can move heavy loads and materials across a predetermined route. You can also use monorail cranes to move the goods in curved racks, switches, and branches. Thus, getting a monorail crane rental in Dubai will be an ideal solution for manufacturers. You will be able to use this solution within your manufacturing unit, and you can also change the elevation of these cranes for more functions. 

Tower Cranes 

Tower crane is primarily used in the construction of buildings, and you can easily find a tower crane for rent in Dubai for your construction site. These are stationary cranes that can rise with the building as it is developed. Thus, it makes the process of lifting heavy material easier and streamlines the construction process. These cranes are the most frequent types of cranes used in construction. Since you will be using these solutions in an accident-prone area, you should rent them from a trusted partner to ensure the safety of your site workers. 

Gantry Cranes 

Gantry cranes are the most popular type of crane in the market. These cranes come with two legs to support the bridge, trolley, and hoist. Since these cranes come with legs, they can be extended down to wheels on the ground and support any type of heavy load. Since gantry cranes are designed with an underhung hoist, they cannot move on runways. However, the hoist moves on the embedded rails that are placed on the floor. Their unique design makes them an ideal solution when building railyards and shipyards. These types of cranes are also used in the development of bridges and steel mills. 

Mobile Cranes 

Mobile cranes offer better mobility through the wheels and tracks embedded in them. Thus, these cranes can move on their own and simplify the lifting solution in sites. The crane is mounted on the crawlers to allow mobility to a crane. You can control these cranes via pulleys and cables. It is considered instrumental equipment in sites with heavy lifting operations, and many companies offer mobile cranes for rent in Dubai. Thus, you will be able to find mobile cranes at almost every crane hire partner. However, you should select a reliable company to get the best cranes for your operations. 

Workstation Cranes

These are compact cranes, but they can provide exceptional support to small working areas. You will not need any expert help when using or installing the workstation cranes at your site. These cranes can be used to lift the material to 2 tonnes. They can also perform repetitive lifting and placing of goods as well. Thus, if you need a solution with limited lifting capacity, workstation cranes will be an ideal solution for you. You can simply contact your partner for crane hire in Dubai and get this crane in your work area to streamline your lifting solutions and repetitive work. 

Jib Cranes 

These are small cranes but capable of offering a range of functions. These cranes come with a unique design allowing them to provide both 180 and 360-degree rotations. You can use these cranes to hoist heavy loads and move them into smaller areas. Jib cranes also work as a standalone solution, or you can mount them to columns or walls. In any case, they are perfect for small spaces due to their compact design. 

Final Words 

Finding a reliable partner is integral to get the best crane rental in Dubai. These solutions are used in construction sites, manufacturing units, and industries. You should rent the best solution to ensure maximum safety. Browse through this list of Top Premier and leading Crane Hire Services In Dubai | UAE to find leading companies offering crane rental solutions in Dubai and UAE.