It’s time to know what your next outfit will be for one of the most anticipated times of the year. Get those Ray-Ban sunglasses that will make you look great ready for when this long-awaited moment arrives. 

Get ready for next summer as the forecast indicates heatwaves full of radiant rays of light, so your Ray-Ban sunglasses can not be missing in your outfit. Find all styles so you can combine them as you wish. Sports, classic, beach and many more. 

Why is it important to wear sunglasses during the summer? 

We know that the sun is a precious asset that many love. How could you not when it is almost the center of existence itself? However, too much of it could be harmful to your eyes. In addition to looking good, sunglasses play a very special role, especially in those times when the days radiate bright light uninterruptedly. So, as its name indicates, sunglasses are lenses that serve as protection against the sun’s rays, since they block out the sun’s UV rays. This type of radiation from the sun’s rays could have very negative effects on the cornea or retina. 

Above all, children are the most vulnerable. Too much sunlight filtering into their eyes can cause serious diseases to develop. It can cause blindness or even cancer, so sunglasses are the best way to protect yourself. It is estimated that children receive up to 90% of UVA rays and 50% of UVB in their first years in the world.

Likewise, children who are 10 and 13 years old receive lower percentages, but alarmingly, they are still between 60% of UVA and 25% of UVB rays. It is clear then that sunglasses hold a more crucial role in our lives than just looking good.

Issues that could develop as a result of too much UV exposure

Among the different eye health problems that could occur from elevated UV exposure, the most alarming are the following: 

Cataracts: This is a very common cause of vision loss in people over 40 years of age. UV rays could be one of the greatest risk factors, so sunglasses that block them 100% are a great option. 

Macular degeneration: This happens when a tiny central portion called the macula deteriorates until it disappears. Normally, this does not cause blindness, but it can cause quite serious problems in the patient’s vision. 

Eye cancer: Ocular melanoma starts in the cells that produce the pigment that gives your eyes their colour. Exposure to UV rays increases the risk of suffering some type of problem related to this. 

Big sunglasses are a good option 

We know that there are different styles of Ray-Ban sunglasses, however, some of them can be considered more effective at protecting our eyes. They are those that have larger lenses as they cover more of the eyes and the area around the eyes, therefore providing greater protection.

Looking for something sporty? 

Ray-Ban sunglasses are ideal for running, cycling or doing your exercise routines. They have an outgoing style that blends very well with an athlete’s personality. They can have UV protection with an anti-glare lens to give you clear vision and great colours without obscuring the landscape. They also offer polarisation technology that repels the sun’s glare as it reflects off of highly reflective surfaces like snow and water. They are designed with great quality parts which ensures a great product and helps them to remain durable.

Do you like something more retro?  

There are also people who love to switch to a different style, something more flashy and look great while they protect your eyes. For this reason, Ray-Ban provides styles that make you reminisce on days gone by and the style of previous generations. They have managed to incorporate retro style into their excellent modern craftsmanship to bring you truly brilliant retro sunglasses.

Don’t let sunny days catch you off guard. Make sure you lead a healthy lifestyle in every aspect and always go out protected from UV rays with sunscreen and other protective measures, but also take care of your eyes with Ray-Ban sunglasses. For all the latest info and newest Ray-Ban sunglasses models, visit SmartBuyGlasses UK