With a plethora of hair extensions to choose from, getting hair extensions for the first time is daunting. From color texture to hair types and lengths, the options are endless.

While each hair extension has its signature features and a loyal following, clip-in hair extensions are unquestionably the most popular in the market. They are practical, durable, and available in almost all textures and styles.

Ponytail hair extensions are perfect for switching up your look without the commitment. We all love a good ponytail hair extension to give us an instant makeover on the go.

Like all hair extensions, clip-in ponytails have their signature features, benefits, and drawbacks. So, before you go and purchase hair extensions, it is important to have all the information you need to make an informed decision. There are some key advantages and disadvantages of clip-in ponytail hair extensions.

The Advantages of Ponytail Hair Extensions

Your Go-To Fix

Go-to fix

One of the main reasons women invest in ponytail hair extensions is quick and easy installation. You don’t need to spend more than a couple of minutes attaching the ponytail hair extension. This is an ideal choice for people who want a go-to fix for spontaneous occasions.

Easy To Use

Shine bright like the sun

The unique selling point for ponytail hair extensions is the ease of use. The installation process makes it ideal for daily use and won’t take more than a couple of minutes. Let us break it down for you.

  • You need to tie your natural hair in a ponytail after detangling it with a wide-tooth comb. You can decide how high or low you want your ponytail hairstyle to be. Just make sure that the ponytail is nice and tight.
  • Take the clip in the ponytail and place the claw onto the top base part of your ponytail. Slide it under your elastic band for a secure grip.
  • Wrap the velcro around the ponytail to conceal the elastic band.
  • Twist the ends and use the bobby pins to secure it. After that, you can begin styling your ponytail.

Comfort with Functionality

Blow-out ponytail

Another advantage of wearing ponytail hair extensions is that they are designed with comfort. Unlike other hair extensions, which can feel heavy or bulky, you can wear your ponytail extensions all day without any discomfort. Ponytail is lightweight while still providing volume and length.


Budget-friendly hair

One key difference between ponytail hair extensions and other hair extensions is affordability. Ponytail hair extensions are generally more budget-friendly than other extensions, regardless of the hair quality. This reason is that they are widely available in the market.

You Only Need One Bundle

Braided ponytail

Another perk of using ponytail hair extensions is that you only need one pack or bundle to add length, volume, and texture. That means you can skip spending hundreds of dollars on buying 5 or 6 packs because one pack is enough for one person. Saying ponytails couldn’t get more affordable is an understatement.



As we mentioned before, ponytail hair extensions are perfect for people on the go. You won’t have to spend long hours styling your ponytail hair extension. You can wear your ponytail for a polished look at work or a casual yet dressy look for a Sunday brunch. Ponytail hair extensions are the answer to everything, thanks to their versatility.

Perfect For Hair Experiments

Experiment with hair extensions

You can experiment with various hairstyles using ponytail hair extensions. Ponytail hair extensions are available in various colors, lengths, and styles. In a nutshell, ponytail hair extensions are your go-to hair for experimenting with new styles.

Disadvantages Of Ponytail Hair Extensions

You Can’t Wear Ponytails Hair Extensions For A Long Period.

Flip your hair

There are permanent and semi-permanent hair extensions for enhancing your look and achieving length in an instant. If you are looking for a more permanent solution, sew-ins and micro hair extensions are your best bet.

Unfortunately, ponytail hair extensions are only temporary fixes using clips, bobby pins, and velcro straps. Wearing these beauties for a long time can cause tension at your roots. This is a huge no for people with delicate hair.

You Can’t Wear Them To Sleep.

Low ponytail

Unlike other semi-permanent hair extensions like sew-ins and tape-ins, you can’t go to bed with your clip-in ponytail hair extensions. Sleeping with clip-ins will cause it to tug at the roots during sleep, resulting in damaged clip-ins and hair breakage. So, like make-up, you will have to take them off before bed.

You Need The Right Shade

Finding the perfect shade is important

In terms of styling, ponytail hair extensions play a major role in creating a natural look. For this reason, finding the right shade that matches your natural hair is important. Wearing mismatched hair is not only awkward but embarrassing; after all, we all want a realistic look.

It Restricts Your Hair

It restricts your hair

We mentioned earlier that your ponytail hair extensions are only a temporary fix. Here is why. Although ponytail extensions are the perfect fix for an instant makeover, they can restrict our hair if you have them on for a long period.

The ponytail hair extensions are attached to the base of your natural ponytail hairstyle. So, your hair is stuck into a ponytail for as long as you want to wear the hair extensions.

Ponytail Hair Extension Aren’t 100% Secure.

It isn’t 100% secure

So, ponytails eventually come loose and hang low from their original position, giving you the messy result. The same thing happens with a ponytail extension after a certain period. When that happens, it weighs down, and too much movement will jerk the attachments into coming loose, including the bobby pins and velcro.

Since you use ponytails for extra length and volume, it also weighs extra weight. They are attached directly to your natural hair, which causes tension from the extra weight. The constant tugging at your hair also irritates the scalp.

What are the two places to not wear ponytail hair extensions?

While ponytail hair extensions allow you to enhance your look, knowing when not to wear them is necessary. We have backed up our bold statement with logical reasoning below.


Side braided ponytail

Visiting a club wearing ponytail hair extensions can be a total mess, especially on the dance floor. The hair extension can easily come off while dancing to the music.

Pool Party

High wavy ponytail

Pools and hair extensions, in general, are a bad mix. Not only is the chlorine present in the pool bad for the hair, but the water will also wet the extension and weigh it down. The result can be the hair extension coming off due to the water weight.

You’ll have a far better idea of whether or not you want to purchase hair extensions if you know the benefits and drawbacks ahead of time.

Even with some drawbacks, clip-in ponytail hair extensions are still the finest option for customizing your hair if you want to try out new looks or don’t have the time or patience to style it. They’re easy to use, come in a wide range of styles, and will instantly upgrade your look with only a single clip into your natural hair.

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