Playing your favorite games on PC is way different from console gaming.  Instead of plug and play, it’s more plug, and hope you’ll have a remarkable gaming experience.  Without giving your gaming PC the care and maintenance it deserves, rest assured it might not run games as well as you expect.

No wonder you should do everything possible to optimize your PC for gaming and enhance your experience.  You don’t have to be a pro to make this possible since it narrows down to the simple changes you make.  Below are three tweaks to supercharge your gaming PC without the hassle.

  • Lower Your Resolution

There’s no way an average PC can run modern games at ultra-high resolutions and put a constant 60 FPS.  No wonder most gamers prefer investing in super high-end gaming PC to enjoy better graphics.  But what if you are on a tight budget and unable to afford ahigh-end gaming PC?

Rather than giving up your video gaming expedition, you can lower the resolution and improve FPS.  The lower the resolution, the better your GPU works.  However, the video game graphics won’t be that clear.

  • Regular PC Maintenance

To enjoy playing Judi online or your favorite game, you need to have your gaming PC running at its peak.  Your gaming PC gets slower as years go by and might struggle to perform at its best.  That’s why you should prioritize regular maintenance of your gaming PC to boost its working condition.

Make it the norm to update your graphics drivers whenever there is a new release to enjoy a better visual performance.  You can also invest time and money in Windows maintenance tasks to prevent programs from running in the background.  With regular maintenance, your gaming PC will respond better to commands.

  • Understand In-Game Options

Most people rush into playing video games without taking a moment to rethink things.  We understand you want to get into the action quickly, but familiarizing yourself with the set of in-game options can make your online gaming experience better.  You might already know that configuration options differ in video games.

Before you launch a game, it is in your best interest to understand the set of configurations options included.  Check the game’s opening splash screen and get familiar with them as it can make a significant difference.  How you choose to configure these options can affect your game’s speed and quality. So learn what it takes to make your game run smoothly before deciding on anything.

Final Thoughts

Boosting FPS and optimizing your PC for gaming doesn’t have to be stressful as some gamers make it sound in the first place. Lower your resolutions, prioritize regular PC maintenance, check in-game options and turn off notifications.  The simple things you choose to do canhelp increase the performance of your gaming PC.  That’s what you need to have a remarkable experience while playing your favorite video games alone or with friends.