Did you know that 70% of consumers enjoy eating dessert?

Macarons are part of the gourmet food movement, growing in popularity and availability. You can find them at bakeries and grocery stores.

When choosing a macaron flavor, bigger is not always better. The macaron itself is a delicate and sophisticated treat. Too many bold flavors will overpower the light and sweet shell.

If you’re into macarons, we have the right information you need.

Read on to learn more about the top macaron flavors nowadays.


When it comes to choosing a macaron flavor, it is often hard to decide which one to go for. But if you’re a fan of pistachio, then you’re in for a treat!

People often think this flavor of as being one of the top macaron flavors, and it is a favorite among many. If you’re looking for delicious and unique flavor desserts, then you can view these macarons for more flavor choices.


Raspberry is a fruity and tart flavor that is often used in sweets. It is a popular macaron recipe because it pairs well with the sweetness of the cookie.

This is a classic flavor that is simple and delicious. The slightly acidic flavor balances the sweetness of the raspberry. This makes it a perfect flavor for those who enjoy a little sweetness with their macarons.


Caramel macarons are rich and decadent, with a perfect balance of sweetness and chewiness. The addition of cream enhances the complex flavor of caramel, making these macarons irresistible.

It’s a classic flavor that is always delicious, and it’s also a pretty popular flavor. If you’re looking for a truly indulgent treat, caramel macarons are the way to go.


When it comes to chocolate macarons, there are two main types: dark chocolate and milk chocolate. Dark chocolate macarons are rich and intense, while milk chocolate macarons are creamy and sweet.

Often, chocolate macarons are made with dark chocolate ganache filling, which provides a rich, decadent flavor. For those who prefer a milkier chocolate taste, a chocolate macaron with a chocolate buttercream filling may be more appealing.

Some chocolate lovers even enjoy a white chocolate macaron, which has a slightly sweeter flavor. Both types of chocolate macarons are delicious, but dark chocolate is the clear winner.


If you’re a fan of classic macarons, then you’ll enjoy vanilla macarons. Although this flavor is often thought of as being plain, vanilla macarons are very versatile and enjoyed in a variety of ways. There are 3 types of vanilla macarons, these are Madagascar, Tahitian, and Vanille de bourbon.

Madagascar Vanilla is macarons that have a rich, creamy flavor that is perfect for those who enjoy a sweeter vanilla profile. Tahitian vanilla macarons have a slightly more floral flavor than Madagascar vanilla macarons, making them perfect for those who enjoy a delicate vanilla taste.

While Vanille de bourbon is from real Bourbon vanilla beans, giving them a slightly smoky flavor that is perfect for any vanilla lover.

Know These Macaron Flavors

If you’re looking for a delicious treat, look no further than a macaron. But with so many delicious macaron flavors nowadays like pistachio, raspberry, caramel, chocolate, and vanilla, you will have a hard choosing what’s best.

So, head to your nearest bakery and indulgence in a few of these delicious pastries.

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