Summer is approaching, your bodybuilding regime is going to take a turn toward lean muscle mass gain. It is the best time to start working on the shredded body. Many people start running or doing intense cardio exercises to get the shredded body. But the thing is you may be successful in losing weight but you will lose muscles with that. It is natural to have a dire desire to lose weight as we have bulked up a lot in the winter. That makes the mistake common among fitness enthusiasts.

But the best way to lose weight without losing muscles is to take care of lean mass gain and work out accordingly. Nourishment is the most important part of this. So, arm with the supplements  like creatine, BCAAs,protein powder, and pre workout with some dedicated training.

How to Take Care Lean Muscle Mass:

It is neither tough or easy to have a shredded body but small steps toward disciplined life and habits can easily help you out to get the desired goals. Let’s know what may work for you.

  • Stay hydrated: Lack of water in the body is one of the biggest hurdles in your lean muscle mass gain and other bodily functions. When you don’t consume enough water, the body starts storing the water that leads to an increase in water weight. Along with that many bodily functions like mental activeness, metabolism, and others get affected the most. All these hampers you in getting lean muscle mass.
  • Reduce salt and sugar intake: Carbohydrates, sugar, and salt are the main villain behind excessive water retention. They hamper the muscles to recover faster and can lead to muscle injury. So, it is always better to reduce the excessive level of salt, sugar, and carbohydrate intake on a daily basis.
  • Avoid ill habits: Smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol have negative effects on your fitness goals. So, it is always best to avoid them. Sedentary lifestyle is assumed as a new smoking habit.  It reduces the metabolism, muscle recovery, muscle and bone density, and many others.  Best way to deal with it is to stay active throughout the day just by stretching from time to time. This will help you in your intense workout in the gym for gaining lean muscle mass.
  • Exercises and Sleep: Not every exercise suits your goal of gaining lean muscle mass. Consult with your trainer before approaching the training. Warm up is quite important before the exercises. So don’t be lazy otherwise you may face serious injury which hampers your fitness regime. Not getting a good sleep can have serious consequences to one’s health. Deprived of sleep can lead to lack of energy, bad digestion, slow muscle recovery,  weak mental ability, and many more. Without them it becomes difficult to get a shredded body.


Getting a shredded body is not an easy task. You have to spend dedicated hours with discipline inside and outside the gym. Along with supplements and exercises, habits play the most important role to get the shredded body and lean muscles.  With the right approach and support under a good surveillance, you are able to get the desired results.