Unless you’re a minimalist, most of us are constantly accumulating more and more stuff, and finding space for it all can be a hassle. If you’re living in a small house, effective storage space is especially important in maximizing your floor space. That said, even a large home benefits from intelligent storage solutions to keep the clutter at bay. 

These are a few space saving ideas to clean up your home and maximize your space. If you’re the sort that enjoys DIY, you could make most of these solutions yourself.

Add Shelves Above Your Doors

The space above doorways is a brilliant space to install some DIY shelving for added storage space. They work especially well in small bathrooms to store towels but could also work well in a small bedroom.

Use Magnets

Get yourself some magnets with adhesive on one side and use them to hang small storage containers wherever you might need them. This could work on fridge doors, or the inside of a metal medicine cabinet, and makes for an easy and dynamic storage hack.

Shelving, Shelving and More Shelving

Well placed shelving makes all the difference when done well. You can easily DIY yourself some wall mounted shelves with some wooden boards to make extra storage space around your home. You could even try making some stylish triangular shelves that fit in the corners of a room, taking up minimal space. Even better, would be if you can build your shelving into the wall.

Use Crates or Baskets

Screw crates or baskets onto the wall on their side to create funky DIY storage in any room. They look really interesting and save a ton of space!

Magnetic Rack

Get a magnetic rack for your kitchen to hold knives and scissors. You can even make one yourself if you’re handy.

Under-The-Bed Slide-Out Storage

Make a large segmented drawer to slide under your bed. You can use it to store clothes, books, blankets, towels, board games, or really anything else you can think of. This is great for rooms that don’t have built-in cupboards to save some extra space.

Storage Ottoman

Foldable storage ottomans are the best furniture solutions for decluttering and saving space. This article will show you how to customize your ottoman to suit the rest of your decor. All you’ll need is a staple gun and a lot of staples.

Make Use of The Walls

Whether it’s clothing hooks, shoe pockets, hanging racks for utensils, or spice shelves, you can always make use of the bare wall space in any room. You might open up space in other cupboards or drawers if you can hang things like knives and other utensils on the wall.

Multipurpose Storage

If you’re smart about it, you could make a dining booth in your kitchen with storage space built into the chairs. They could have open space under the legs or cupboards built in behind them. You can then sit back and relax while you eat or enjoy playing keno online real money in a space that’s comfortable and clear of clutter.

While some storage solutions must be built into the design of the house, there’s a lot you can do yourself if you have a knack for it. Just find all the wasted space between furniture, or open space on walls, and be creative with how you fill it.