Did you know that football betting was illegal until the 1960s? This sports betting was done in criminal safe houses and dingy streets, but legalization changed that. The change in law facilitated its move to betting houses which later led to the development of online betting. However, nothing much has changed. There are still complex bets and easy ones. The chances of winning the hard ones are slim, although they come with big odds. So, which are the easy football betting markets you should play? This article mentions and gives a detailed explanation of why you should choose the markets. 

Double Chance

This football bet market gives you a higher chance of winning by offering two possible game outcomes. The outcomes are a win, draw, and loss, so you have to choose the team that will either win or draw. To bet on this market, you will head to a football gambling website like sbobet and choose the game you want to bet on. You will then carefully analyze the two teams using statistics and past performances to decide which has the upper hand in the match. 

Over Or Under Goal Counts

This betting market allows you to bet for total scores over or under a specific number. It’s arguably the most popular because you can easily predict the goals a team will score depending on their form and star players available. However, it will help to note that this refers to a full-time score. Betting for the over or under goals at halftime can be challenging unless you are a seasoned gambler. 

Total Corners

Total corners are another easy bet introduced by major online betting platforms. To bet on this market, you must consider each team’s attacking and defensive prowess. Most online betting platforms give the exact number, range, or over and under outcomes, making it easy to get a payout from your bet. Like the previous market, you should go for the full-time count to increase your accuracy. 

Both Teams to Score

As the name suggests, you will predict that both playing teams will score. This market is also favorable because you don’t have to narrow down the number of goals. Before placing this bet, you will have to analyze the possibility of each team scoring using team news and statistics. However, note that there are other markets in this category, such as both teams to score no bet, which can be challenging if you are new to football betting. 

Next Team to Score

This market needs you to watch the game live as you analyze which is strong and likely to score next. The market is easy to win because you can base your decision on available players and real-time performance. 

Football betting is among the most popular online casino games and has been around for a long time. And apart from the fun part, you can play platforms like sbo for real money. However, not all markets are the same, and some are hard and require experience to win them. Therefore, it will be best to bet on the markets you have read here for a better chance of a payout.